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    Denon AVR-3808CI: An Overview

    I'm looking at replacing my AVR-3300 which is getting a bit long in the tooth with a 3808, but wonder on a couple connection issues: My Pioneer RPTV has 2 1080i DVI inputs w/ HDCP and currently I have a DVI stb and an HDMI stb through HDMI/DVI (video only obviously). The DVI stb is an older...
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    Kenneth Branagh's HAMLET -- the ultimate, merged, when-oh-when thread

    I can't believe I made my annual check of this thread and see Hamlet for AUGUST 14! Is that great news or what! scott s. .
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    HDMI to DVI

    I thought I would find this on a search, but that seems not to be the case. Anyway, I am looking at a sony 400 disk player that has HDMI out. The question is, is there any problem connecting to my RPTV, which has 1080i DVI with HDCP input? The Sony also has digital audio coax/optical out which I...
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    A Few Words About A few words about... Ken Burns American Lives

    As a story teller, I guess Burns is pretty good, though to me his technique seems kind of repetitive. As history I think his work leaves much to be desired. scott s. .
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    HDTV Antennas

    You might also want to consider AntennasDirect 2 or 4 bay UHF antenna. I don't have one (I have a combo UHF/VHF) but I've read some good things. I think it is similar to a ChannelMaster 2/4 bay setup. scott s. .
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    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    Female Dectective Damo (MBC) scott s. .
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    Kenneth Branagh's HAMLET -- the ultimate, merged, when-oh-when thread

    Darn. I searched out this thread after a hiatus of about a year or more, and got my hopes up, only to be disappointed once again. I _have_ seen articles (maybe in Forbes?) that the issue of rights for DVD release is a thorny problem, with many different players involved (though I know nothing...
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    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Cyrano De Bergerac

    Thanks for the review. >>Even if there was a real Cyrano de Bergerac, it is highly unlikely he resembled the legendary literary figure in great detail. Nevertheless, if a real person did exist somewhere amidst the myths and urban legends associated with the name, his legacy endures, as he...
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    Samsung SIR-T351 observations

    Regarding the digital audio dropouts: That seems to have been reported by other owners but AFAIK no response from Samsung as to recognizing as a bug (seems hard to believe it wouldn't have come up in testing). scott s. .
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    DVI for PC to RPTV

    Thanks. Now, my problem is i kind of like the AIW 9600 pro, but it only has VGA out. I don't really want to spend $300 +. Initially, I don't plan to drive my Pioneer with a computer graphics card, but I am interested in the possibilty downstream, maybe as a PC based Tivo-like system. Especially...
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    DVI for PC to RPTV

    I have a Pioneer Elite Pro 530HD RPTV that has DVI w/HDCP inputs. I'm thinking of getting an ATI AIW card, but can't tell if the DVI out on this card can be accepted by the Pioneer without having some sort of HDCP circuitry. Anyone got the dope on this? scott s. .
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    Opinions needed for KP-46WT500 and KP-51WS500

    Serial Numbers Affected: Sets with the following serial number ranges may be affected: KP-51HW40 and KP-57HW40 models: Serial numbers which have a Zero in second digit, i.e. 90xxxxx. (not applicable with other models). WS500 models: KP-51WS500 (9000001 – 9020557) KP-57WS500 (9000001 –...
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    Opinions needed for KP-46WT500 and KP-51WS500

    Do a search in home theater groups on "sony" and "flicker". There are many unhappy sony owners out there. How big a problem is it? Who knows. Sony claims 1% failure rate for RPTVs in a certain ser no range, but!!! The fix requires replacing all three CRTs plus resistors. scott s. .
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    How long are big screen televisions supposed to last?

    LOL. My old Mits VS-5006R is also dying. It's dark, and now on initial start up loses vert sync until warms up. Also on occasion the guns misalign (rotate) esp if the set is fully warm and you accidently switch it off and back on. But I am now in shopping mode! scott s. .
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    Discussion on the HTF article on studios dumbing down the DVD format

    It's good to see some one who isn't into what appears to me to be an elitest, whining mode. My wife prefers 4:3. I guess that makes her a J6P, MORON, uneducated, etc. I wager she spends more time in art museums, viewing live stage performances, etc than most of the people posting this...