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    Film Noir - LIST

    As a big fan of "films noir," I've been subscribed to this thread for quite some time now. Been using it as a guide on what's new to DVD, and what I still need to rent, so I didn't really feel the need to chime in at all. But I just wanted to say what a cool and classy move it was on Rich's part...
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    The Ongoing Wal-Mart $4.88/$5.50/$5.88 Bargain Bin Thread

    Hey, old pals. Just thought I'd let you know about Tower Records, if'n you happen to have one nearby. I happen to have one within walking distance from my house, and I headed over this afternoon to take advantage of their amazingly priced $16.99 King Kong 2-discer. Wandering through the back...
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    Weekly RoundUp 3-28-2006

    Also got the KK 2-discer at a local Tower (NE Philly) for $16.99. Just got off the phone with the counter-guy and he said "Nope, not just today. That price is all this week."
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    a movie only talk show on the radio every week

    Somebody noticed! :D Still a fan of the HTF, obviously, but I've been real busy with work all over the intranets. Good to see you fellas again. I'll be around a little more often.
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    WORST FILMS OF 2005...anyone? Anyone?

    (My) Worst of 2005 1. Stealth 2. The Pacifier 3. Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo 4. Are We There Yet? 5. Dirty Love 6. The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3-D 7. Alone in the Dark 8. The Perfect Man 9. Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous 10. Son of the Mask 11...
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    Ultraviolet (merged)

    Been looking forward to this one ever since the early word came out. I loves the Milla, and Wimmer's Equilibirum is one tasty sci-fi stew. But I'm NOT happy with the PG-13 that Sony had to have. Grrr.
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    More re-makes in the works

    2006 remakes I'm psyched for: The Hills Have Eyes Poseidon The Wicker Man 2006 remakes I'm skeptical of: Black Christmas The Pink Panther Pulse When a Stranger Calls Undecided as of yet: Charlotte's Web The Omen 2006 remakes I wouldn't see with your money and your...
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    2005 at the Box Office

    Then again, it IS Universal we're talking about. Perhaps a DTV sequel or two? :D
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    2005 at the Box Office

    Thanks, T. I should clarify, though. I still dig the HTF a whole lot. Several of the regulars and administrators are great folks, and the site delivers a fantastic amount of DVD information and opinions. This particular thread is a perfect example; I check it out every weekend! What I...
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    2005 at the Box Office

    Comments like these are why I rarely visit this forum anymore. The film made 1/4th of its production budget in three days of domestic release. Numerous interviews with cast & crew have stated that if the film broke $15m in its opening weekend, then Universal would be "thrilled." So $10+...
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    2005 at the Box Office

    Voltron movie coming soon. ;)
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    ***Official SHAUN OF THE DEAD Discussion Thread

    The line is from the first few minutes of Night of the Living Dead, as Barbara's brother is teasing her.
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    2005 Film List

    A few festival flicks that recently got release dates: Twist of Faith - 7/1 Pretty Persuasion - 8/12 Green Street Hooligans (formerly Hooligans) - 9/16 MirrorMask - 9/30 The Ordeal - 10/21 Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic - early November The Matador - 11/18 ...and keep an eye out for...
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    THE FOG Remake

    You hear this kind of thing a lot from people who are working on horror remakes, but here's the main problem I have with it: Is the new House of Wax more "sophisticated" than the original? Is The Amityville Horror? Hell, not even the remakes that I (and most people seem to) enjoy (Dawn of the...
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    Bewitched Season 1