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    Star Trek Voyager - A Thread for Fans

    Darn it Adam, Your posts are going to make me re-watch this series again. :) I liked this series a lot (except the way it ended) so I guess it is not that bad of an idea. It is a lot of episodes. A lot of commitment. But anyway, thanks for your mini-reviews. They have been really interesting.
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    Doctor Who

    There was a couple of major reveals in Fugitive Of The Judoon. It will be interesting to see peoples reactions.
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    Doctor Who

    Is anyone else having a hard time understanding what the Doctor is saying sometimes? With the thick accent and fast speaking, I am having a real tough time understanding her when she is franticly speaking. I have lived in England before, so I thought I was used to the accents but her Yorkshire...
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    The outer worlds!

    I don't think that Outer Worlds has any tie to the Fallout series. It is it's own thing. For the Fallout series, I started with Fallout 4 because I was late to the game. I was not into RPG type games. But after I got Fallout 4, I ended up getting Fallout: New Vegas and Skyrim and like both of...
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    Doctor Who

    Yea, I thought she did a decent job of playing the Doctor. I just thought the stories were either too political, just bad, or not memorable. In fact I am having a hard time remembering much of them. All I have is just the memory (feeling) of being lectured to but I can't really remember the...
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    The Expanse Season 4

    I came across an interesting video on YouTube that goes into detail about the Expanse being dropped by SciFi and being picked up by Amazon. It is very much a YouTube video with the over the top "click like and subscribe" vibe but I did find it interesting.
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    The Current War (2019)

    I need to know if they show a scene that depicts the danger of current by killing an elephant? (spoilerize if necessary) I am interested in seeing this but I can't if they show this.
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    Citizen Kane of Action movies?

    ".....should be able to acknowledge a consensus opinion that runs counter to their own opinion." I am sure the person who pointed out the naked emperor (emperor's new cloths tale) felt like I do about this film. LOL I fully understand that the "popular opinion" is against me, but that does not...
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    Citizen Kane of Action movies?

    This topic confuses me. I personally hate, hate, HATE Citizen Kane. I feel it is so overrated and is just a horrible, self indulgent movie. Does this mean I am supposed to list horrible action movies? So I guess my "Citizen Kane of action movies" would be the 80's Flash Gordan. But with that...
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    Legion - FX Network/Marvel

    OK, that does sound bad. And as I suspected, it did ring a bell in my head and shock a few cobwebs loose. Thanks
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    Legion - FX Network/Marvel

    I am looking forward to the new season. I hope my DVR remembered to record it last night. I know I am old..... But can someone give a quick summary as to what David did to be labeled a rapist? I admit I do not remember much about how season 2 ended. Is the "rape" explained in last nights...
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    Archer: 1999 (Season 10)

    I didn't really see any Space: 1999 references (although it has been a long time since I watched that) but there are definitely references to a lot of Space/Sci-Fi shows. I expect we will get a lot more. And the Geisha/Courtesan Ray character really felt like a Firefly reference...
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    Archer: 1999 (Season 10)

    The new season of Archer (season 10) started a few days ago. I am glad I still had my timer set otherwise I would have completely missed it. This time around they are in space. It is always fun to see what characters are what in these new seasons. I have already seen references to Alien...
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    Game of Thrones Season 8 (2019)

    Well, it worked for Brie Larsen. LOL
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    The Big Bang Theory Season 11 and finale

    It was also cool to see all the young versions of everyone in the cast of BBT in the episode of "Young Sheldon" that aired after BBT. It was a great follow up to the ending of BBT.