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    Netflix Netflix Series - Stranger Things 4

    I will start off saying that I really liked this season so don't misinterpret my following post as complete negativity. I really don't think the extra-long episodes were a good idea. The final episode this season felt really long, and I was ready for it to end. That should not be the case. I...
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    Barbie (2023)

    I admit my initial reaction was pretty bad, but then I remembered my reaction to hearing they were making a Lego Movie was the same. That turned out to be a very good movie in my opinion.
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    Netflix Netflix Series - Stranger Things 4

    I have watched through episode 3. I am sort of still on the fence about this season. I know it is early, but half of each episode so far has felt more like a Teen Drama on the CW network. Complete with way over the top bullies that are just not realistic. I have hopes that it seems now (at the...
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    Peacemaker (HBO MAX 2022)

    Enjoying it so far. I am a little surprised that DC is OK with someone sort of making fun of their IP. I get the feeling only Gunn would be given this much leeway. But I am glad they are allowing this. It is definitely something different than the normal superhero stuff we have been bombarded...
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    Ghosts (US) (2021) - Season 1

    I do hope they get more into why the ghost are still trapped. What the unfinished business was that is keeping them there. I would have thought that Pete would have been "sucked off" after his story about his ex and seeing his grandchild. What is keeping him here now? I think it would be cool...
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    Ghosts (US) (2021) - Season 1

    The more I get through the BBC version, the more I am sure that the main reason I like the US version better is the husband character. Michael, in the BBC version, is just a horrible, selfish person some times and a complete moron most of the time. I can't sympathize with him at all. In the...
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    Ghosts (US) (2021) - Season 1

    I agree that British comedy in general is good. I also agree it is different than American comedy. That doesn't necessarily make one better than the other. I think everyone agrees that canned laughter is a bad thing and I have noticed that it is slowly going away, at least on the sitcoms I...
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    Ghosts (US) (2021) - Season 1

    I just watched the first 4 episodes of the British version on HBO Max. I have to disagree with Peter. I think the new American version is better. It might just be whichever one you see first sets up your expectations. I am finding the British one just too British if that makes sense. I usually...
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    Ghosts (US) (2021) - Season 1

    I am really liking it. I went in with zero expectations and was wondering how it would work. I don't know the overall plan, but I hope we get to see the main ghosts eventually get "sucked off" as they call it. I really like that they are expanding her seeing ghosts to everywhere she goes. This...
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    What We Do in the Shadows (FX)

    I just finished watching the latest episode and I have a question. I thought that the Vampires in this world can't eat or drink human food. How did Lazlo get drunk? Did I miss something? Do they just drink the blood of a dunk person?
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    'The Jinx - The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst' on HBO

    Wow, I was expecting another OJ Simpson repeat. I personally think he is guilty of all three murders. I recently watched the Jinx and found him to be a complete sociopath. Anyone who admits to cutting up a body and dumping in a bay is capable of anything. His brother is lucky to be alive as well.
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    What We Do in the Shadows (FX)

    I have finally caught up to the new episodes. I had seen the movie a long time ago, but had not watched the series. It has been a blast. I hope that by binging all the episodes over a couple of days, I have not somehow ruined anything. I plan on keeping up weekly now. With all that said... I...
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    The Horror Movie Appreciation Thread

    There are a few Horror movies that have left a weird feeling in me after viewing (and still to this day). I wouldn't describe it as scared or fearful, but more like a creepy feeling that I still sort of get for some reason, even now, that I can't really explain. The first is Alien. I have...
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    Appreciation for "Truman Show"

    Sorry to necro-bump this thread but I finally got around to watching this again. I am sure I have seen it a long time ago, but I could not remember a thing about it. It is a really good movie, but I find myself angry for some reason. I think that it might be that it was purely fiction at the...
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    Odd display problem on HTF/Community page

    Another piece of info. I switched over to Chrome, and when I first visited the HTF, the forums did show up. But as soon as I logged in, they disappeared and it looked like it does in Edge.