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    HK520 owners? channels question

    The only downside to the 525 that I can see is that it has a fan. Depending on your setup, that may or may not be a problem. It does, however, do DD-EX (which the 520 does not). It may also have higher-bandwidth component video switching than the 520.
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    HK520 owners? channels question

    One of the nice things with the H/K 520 is that you can use outboard amps for the mains. You can re-jumper (with RCA cables) any preamp output to any main amp input. I did that exact thing when I was using the 520. I re-routed the Left and Right preamp outs to a PA 2000 amp for the fronts. I...
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    HK520 owners? channels question

    You need to use the SBL and SBR pre-amp outputs. Connect these to a separate stereo amplifier (or a pair of monoblocks). You then can make use of Logic 7, DTS ES, and DTS neo:6. Hope that helps.
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    Apple Music Service

    I have not purchased any of the selections from the service, but I have a couple of concerns. 1) I do not like the fact that I am purchasing a compressed form of the music. It would be nice to offer the full AIFF for $1.00 and maybe 50 cents for the compressed file. Maybe something like this...
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    Support the Star Wars OT on DVD campaign!

    Jay: I signed the petition just a few moments ago. However, there seems to be an odd numbering issue appearing. I am counted as #630, but the list says I am #903. (?) Is this just one of the small kinks you are already aware of? Anyway, thank you for the site and good luck!
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    The GREAT WHITE CONCERT FIRE (merged thread)

    Pardon my leagl ignorance, but why would Russel require immunity unless he has information he feels should be hidden? Is it just to make sure the prosecution can not harm his career if things get thrown in his direction? I found it a bit suspicious when I found out he made his request.
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    Metal instrumentals

    You are correct, Jerry--I did mean "Transylvannia." I was at work and I did not have my brain plugged in at the time. Thank you for the reminder. :)
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    Amp to make my AVR520 7.1??

    The 520's amp are assignable just as John describes. A nice match for the 520 is the H/K PA2000 power amp. I used it with the 520 to power the mains and re-routed the 520's main amps (FL/FR) to power the back surrounds. It sounded much better. I am now using the PA2000 to power the back...
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    Metal instrumentals

    Here are a few off the top of my head... Iron Mainden "Phantom of the Opera" & "Losfer Words" Rush "Where's My Thing," "Leave That Thing Alone," & "La Vila Strangiato" Overkill's remake of "Frankenstein"
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    USB 2.5" Hard Drive Adapter - does this exist?

    You may want to look into the FireExpress 250SX frm CompuCable. It is an external USB 2.0 hard drive case for 2.5" drives and sells for around $50. http://www.compucable.com/firewire/e...html#USB2EB25S
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    IBM Thinkpad 760EL Memory question...

    Crucial.com indicates you are able to install one DIMM at a time on your model. Make sure you look for 144-pin SODIMM modules.
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    ALIEN QUADRILOGY discussion thread (including all the glitches)

    So how do you think all of this be presented? Are we looking at a SuperBit Deluxe-type of release with only the movie/audio on one disc (more room for video/audio transfer) and the bonus materials on the second? If so, it almost seems like there is a lot missing from even these early "specs"...
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    AVR 8000 what type/size input jack for 12 volt trigger

    1/8" minijack is correct. However, I believe it is supposed to be a mono connector.
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    Crazy idea: add preouts myself?

    Patrick: Using the Tape outputs for anything other than tape decks is a bad idea. I made this mistake once when hooking up a new 2-channel amp to my receiver. Instead of using the pre outs, I plugged into the tape outs (by accident!). Everything came out full blast. The tape outs bypass the...
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    H/K 8000 buzz in the Jan/02 models... Just how bad is it really?

    I sit about 6 feet from my center and I can hear the buzzing quite distinctly during quiet passages of movies when the fridge is not running. As soon as the fridge starts up or any good signal is sent to the center speaker, I can no longer hear it. I found it fairly annoying at first, but I...