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    Thomas T.'s Best/Favorite Performances (10 male, 10 female)

    Claude Rains - Casablanca Peter O'Toole - My Favorite Year Paul Dooley - Breaking Away Christopher Plummer - The Silent Partner Charles Laughton - Hunchback of Notre Dame Robert Mitchum - Night of the Hunter William Holden - Network Joseph Cotten - Shadow of a Doubt Jack Lemmon - The Great Race...
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    The Plot Thickens. TCM podcast on PETER BOGDANOVICH

    I've listened to the podcast over the years but after seeing her in person a year ago at a forum discussing her podcast....I found her to be quite annoying and find it difficult to listen to her again.
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ My Favorite Year - in Blu-ray

    Lil: This is for ladies only! Alan Swann: [unzipping fly] So is *this*, ma'am, but every now and then I have to run a little water through it.
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    RIP: Rip Torn

    Would the Edward G quote be "You're good kid, but as long as I'm around, you're second best. You might as well learn to live with it." ?
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    Movies that are great...until the final reel screws them up

    The Boys From Brazil When that awful child actor showed up at the climax between Peck and Olivier, the film went off the rails. And some of the blame can go to the screenwriter too. I still like the movie a lot.....but that kid. Ugh.
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    Albert Finney Dead at 82

    "The old man's still an artist with a Thompson."
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    What is your favorite commentary?

    John Frankenheimer talking The Manchurian Candidate. In fact, any Frankenheimer commentary is pretty good.
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    The sound on the blu-ray is pretty bad for the first 18 minutes. At least they managed to fix the DVD sound effect screw-up where they transposed the booing and clapping over the Jack Lemmon/Tony Curtis title cards.
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    Criterion Wish Listing 2018

    The Silent Partner The Last of Sheila My Favorite Year And Then There Were None Giant
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    Who's buying?

    Who's buying?
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    Warner Archive Announcements Thread

    I'll take My Favorite Year and The Last of Sheila, please.
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    Warner Archives suggestions for 2016

    The Last of Sheila My Favorite Year Local Hero Victor/Victoria
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    Warner Archive Survey for Blu-ray Releases

    Salem's Lot, Victor/Victoria and Virginia Woolf. Also did a write-in for The Last of Sheila.