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    Video/Audio Signal Distribution Via 802.11g?

    I've been interested in doing the same thing, want to be able to watch/control my Tivo in another room (on a different floor). I happened to stumble on the Belkin Pure AV RemoteTV on cnet. It looks pretty perfect but is way to expensive at $500. Just thought I'd share. I'm still looking for a...
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    Cheaper screen

    If you don't want to (or can't) go the DYI route, check out DaLite screens. I got a 80x45" pull down for around $300 (it's a High Power Model B w/CSR) that I'm very happy with.
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    adding DLP Pojectors??

    The Infocus 4802 looks to be a good choice. I have the X1 and I love it. The improvements to the X1 the 4802 makes would make me love it more. As far as picture quality and what projectors are good I would just check out all the talk about the various popular projectors over at (AVS Forum...
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    what screws to bolt x1 to a ceiling mount

    They are 4M screws. Check outhttp://members.shaw.ca/technut/x1faq/#5.4 for more info. I got mine at Lowes. I went the pipe fitting route and used the 4M bolts with wingnuts so I could adjust it once it was mounted.
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    Just got my X1 and I have a question

    When I first got my X1 (in July) I saw LOTS of rainbows, I was very unhappy. Now I rarely ever see them. Even in scenes with a lot of rainbow potential I never see them. The same goes for my girlfriend. She used to see them but never does now. I had read that this could happen and didn't really...
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    Resolution vs. contrast ratio for projectors

    I believe the X1 does have a high contrast ratio but only in "presentation" mode which you would never use for home theater. So they aren't totally lieing. I would go with one of the highly talked about projectors over at the AVS forum . There are plenty of opinions of all the various hot...
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    need help with selecting a projector, dedicated HT

    Alex, Is it possible for you to use the composite cable to pull through a component cable? I highly doubt you will want to use the composite for anything anyway. If you really aren't going to run component cables and are looking at lower end projectors the X1 might be good for you as it has...
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    X1 users -- aspect ratio

    Alex, You can order the ceiling mount right from Infocus. If you want to save a few bucks just make your own. I made one for maybe 10 bucks just using small pipes (those plumbing nipples), a piece of wood (a scrap piece of pergo flooring) and wing nuts (these allow for easy adjustment)...
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    Projector recommendations for under $2k

    Joseph, it seems to me that the general consensus (at least over at the avs forum) is that while the svideo input looks good on the X1, using a progressive scan player via component cables looks best. I believe a Infocus guy even claimed that. I personally agree. Personally I think cable tv...
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    Any shops in LA area to demo the InFocus X1?

    I am just going to buy an X1 at Best Buy. I've read some people have heard otherwise, but the sales guy at the BB near me said their return policy on projectors is 30 days and no restocking fee. So I can just try it at home, the perfect way to demo it. I'm just waiting for an interest free deal...
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    B&W vs BOSE

    Jeremy, Thanks for the explanation. I know the 3yr old, 20 screen, stadium seating Regal near me shows movies in the proper aspect ratio. They have screens that appear to be 1.85 and screens that are 2.35 and they use mattes if the movie doesn't match the screen. I certainly wouldn't go to it...
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    b&w speaker stands

    I recently purchased 602s and bought stands with them. The stands came in B&W boxes but the stands don't actually say B&W on them. You definitely can't attach them to the stand. They just came with little tabs which I suppose help them stay on a bit (whenever the dogs run by them I get a bit...
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    B&W vs BOSE

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    FS: B&W DM602 & LCR60 series 3 w/stands +OBM

    I'm interested in the LCR60. Sent you an email.