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    Upscaling/HDef DVD Player merged thread

    Elias, any update on your Momitsu? I have the same PJ. Which player would you have chosen if you had known the Momitsu was underwhelming?
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    Philips or Sony Widescreen?

    Is there a cheaper/better successor coming out soon for this TV? The Sony one I mean.
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    Philips or Sony Widescreen?

    What bells & whistles does the Sony have on this model over your Philips? What do you guys think of this Samsung compared to the Sony mentioned in this thread: http://www.circuitcity.com/detail.js...&oid=71060&m=0 ?
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    Bruce Lee vs. Ali

    I agree with Drew, Ali.
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    Why are English dialects are more intelligible than most languages?

    Hmm... I think people can speak with a heavier dialect to people from their own region (in Y Tu Mama Tambien, they are speaking a thick & vulgar Chilango dialect), while speaking in a more regularized speech to people from outside their own region. In Spanish, I would say it's no different...
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    Cabo San Lucas: Where to stay, What to do?

    We stayed at Esperanza, pretty pricey. If you want something more affordable, stay at the Westin Regina. My wife recommends it highly. Things to do... first rent a car. You'll need it to get around. For shopping I recommend San Jose Del Cabo over Cabo San Lucas. It's more relaxed and less...
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    Any golfers in the house? I have a question...

    I recommend finding a good 3 wood. Even Tiger Woods hits his better than his driver. ;)
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    First Gran Turismo 4 screens!

    Those screens are being rendered at a resolution higher than 480p. I'm guessing they use the graphics engine but not "in-game" graphics and are outputting it from the dev kit.
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    New Spin on Netflix (Potentially Offensive)

    Chris, if you are using it to make money off of politicians, I won't hold it against you. :D
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    New Spin on Netflix (Potentially Offensive)

    I guess it depends on the markup involved, but it seems pretty weak.
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    Best Mexican Vacation Spots

    Here's the average temps year round. http://www.weather.com/outlook/trave...nthly/MXQR0138
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    Best Mexican Vacation Spots

    Since you are saying "next year's", I'm assuming you can pick your date. You live in Washington, so if you want to get away from your mild winter (Minnesota guy here), I guess Janruary would be a good time. Just try and avoid Spring Break which is in March I believe. Do you mean "best time of...
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    Best Mexican Vacation Spots

    Another thing is when you plan on going. If it's July - October, you might want to stay way from Cancun just because of the inclement weather. After reading your post, it sounds like Playa Del Carmen would be perfect for you, or Los Cabos too. Don't let the Spring Break crap scare you away...
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    Best Mexican Vacation Spots

    The difference between PlayaCar and Cabo is huge. Cabo is like a desert on the ocean. It's not the least bit tropical. Lots of rocky shores and stunning views. The golfing is EXCELLENT. If you are a big golfer and you want to do that on your trip, the choice is clear. Playa, which I recommend...