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    Metroid Prime 3

    Beat it yesterday.. it think i was playing on either easy or normal.. but i started a new game on hyper mode.. this is like halo's legendary imho. im thinking i should have at least tried hard first..
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    Metroid Prime 3

    I had problems with that and looked on gamefaqs for help. If you only leave one of those two flying guys there its so easy.. because as soon as you kill both they respawn, but if you only kill one it doesnt respawn the other.
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    Metroid Prime 3

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    Metroid Prime 3

    Anyone looking to trade friend vouchers so we can unlock some of these unockables? I'm going out of town for a few days but when i get back i will really wanna trade some of these tokens so i can actually USE them.
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    Interesting item that came out of my body...

    the one i passed was tiny compared to that.... like maybe 1/8 of an inch.. If you really wanna freak yourself out google some of the kidney stones out there.. some look like that ship kal el came to earth with in superman.. OUCH!
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    Help finding a fun game for me and my lady friend

    actually my wife loves Tricky also... she doesnt really do tricks or anything she just likes to race and the music.... she would always beat me cause i was too busy doing tricks LOL also Tekken... any button mashing fighter... it was always fun to take her to the arcades back in the day and have...
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    Help finding a fun game for me and my lady friend

    What about Guitar hero 2? My wife and I play this all the time, and one of the best features of this game is that i can play on expert and she can play on easy.
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    "Mosquito" ringtone, can you hear it?

    ugh! now i know how chewbacca felt after that scene in empire.. :P
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    Guitar Hero PS2

    Well, I have had issues with the new guitar. The first one i could hardly ever get the star power to activate. The 2nd one activates it almost automatically. if i hold the guitar completely level it will not go off but if i move it slightly, it goes off.. the old controller for gh1 does not do...
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    Transformers (2007)

    Oh that would be hilarious.. and if they got Sam L. Jackson to play Jazz...
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    SpikeTV acquires rights to Star Wars film franchise.

    yeah spending 70mil to offset a "loss" doesn't sound like smart business.. especially if the channel doesn't make it to 2008!!
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    Nintendo E3 Conference for May 17th, 2005

    http://www.i4u.com/ has more pics of this as well as pics of the gameboy MICRO... man that thing is tiny!
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    PSP: What games you have??

    prolly with the x,o,square, triangle like in the old n64 days.. then use the right trigger to shoot.. maybe jump with the left trigger..
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    PSP: What games you have??

    I only have lumines, but i've rented wipeout, ridgeracer, and mercury.. Really liked both wipeout and ridgeracer to the point to where i couldn't decide which one to buy (still haven't) Mercury was ok, but i would consider it a rental. It just doesn't seem to have a lot of replay value...
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    SONY PICTURES PRESS RELEASE: New UMD Titles Release Schedule

    think i will pick up the spider-man animated even though i have it on dvd... it was very good and i am sure it will look great on that lil' screen!