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    *** Official RAMBO Discussion Thread

    Thats good to hear. I expected reviews at rottentomatoes by now though.
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    Official Playstation 3 Blu-Ray player Thread

    I have my PS3 set to "normal" on the upscale and my LCD tv set to "just Scan" mode. When i play Pulp Fiction and Weird Science the picture appears in the center of the screen with black bars top, bottom, and the sides. Anyone know what i may have setup wrong?
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    Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl Framing Issue

    My bro did the order form and nothing happened so he called Disney and they are sending him an envelope to send in his bad disc in order to get a new one.
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    Blu-ray owners: What Blu-Ray Players do you have?

    When setting the PS3 video output should i select "custom" and pick 720p as the max resolution or select "automatic" where it will select 1080i as my max resolution? My tv is 1360x768 i'm not sure why my tv would accept 1080i through HDMI, can someone explain all this? Thanks.
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    *** Official NATIONAL TREASURE: BOOK OF SECRETS Discussion Thread

    ROTTEN TOMATOES: Talks Begin for National Treasure 3
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    Blu-ray owners: What Blu-Ray Players do you have?

    Just got a 40GB PS3 a few days ago.
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    2008 at the Box Office

    I'm more surprised that 8 of the top 9 didn't sell atleast twice as many as BB considering 5 of them are animated and have a much bigger market to sell to.
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    2008 at the Box Office

    I remember when BB came out it was right around the time Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got together and the scientology thing. Wonder if people were turned off of BB because of that?
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    2008 at the Box Office

    I think TDK will do $250m just on the fact there is a villian that people care about and people will want to see how Ledger compares to Jack.
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    upscale player/HDTV prob

    I have a Samsung LN-T3253H LCD HDTV (720p-native, 1360x768 PC) and a Philips DVP3960 HDMI upconvert dvd player. With the HDMI setting on the player set to 720p the picture has scan lines or something on it. The picture looks better with the HDMI set to 1080i. I switched out the HDMI cable for...
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    Alien vs. Predator 2 in the works

    The first 5 minutes http://uk.movies.yahoo.com/a/Aliens-...x-3687454.html
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    2006 at the Box Office

    I think he means to get Shyamalan's career "back on track", not Harry Potter.
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    2006 at the Box Office

    SR may not pass 200 million domestic but what about worldwide? If DVD sales are good can't that greenlight another movie?
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    2006 at the Box Office

    I'm not really impressed with 132 million considering how much ticket prices cost these days. Imagine what Spiderman or Titanic would have done at todays prices.
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    WORST FILMS OF 2005...anyone? Anyone?

    Dark Water should be on everyones list.