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    Spinal Tap II (2024)

    Maybe that will be the focus on this sequel....to poke fun at all the old rock stars that are still out there doing it.
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    What's the word on Lost Highway?

    I agree with you about the new US version looking like the theater version. I seem to remember it looking very dark, most notibly, the way some characters slowly appear from the inky blackness of this film. The other versions look way to bright I think.
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    Warner announces Forbidden Planet for November

    Hey, Am I the only one who got the Ultimate Collector's tin with a Robby The Robot that doesn't have a clear dome on his head? There appears to be little notches on it where a piece of plastic should be but...no plastic dome! Hmmm, kind of a bummer, but I am glad to have this film either way...
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    MAUDE Bea Arthur DVD update!

    I don't know about anybody else on this forum, but a Maude DVD Set is so mine when it gets released. I have most of them on old vidoetapes that don't look so hot. I hope they announce a date soon. Russ
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    Problems with X-Files Season One

    I was wondering id anyone else on here has had any problems with disc 2 of the X-Files Season One Box Set. I tried playing mine and my Pioneer DV 45A just spits it out or turns itself off. Then I tried it in my Apex AD-1100W and it can't seem to read it at all. Russ Felton
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    Cecil B. Demented / Bulworth re-release anytime soon?

    I don't think that there are many deleted scenes (if any) for Cecil B Demented. I seem to recall John Waters saying that he rarely shoots scenes that he doesn't need. He edits the script before hand to remove things he deems unimportant. That's how he always stays under budget. Russ
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    The Young Ones, Bottom...were is Filthy, Rich and Catflap

    If you are asking if they are out on DVD, well, they are. Here's a link for ya. Young Ones Bottom I couldn't find anything on Filthy, Rich & Catflap yet.
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    James Bond Question

    Does anyone know if they plan to release the movies that are in the last two box sets (the ones that were released for this Xmas) individually? Russ
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    Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes

    Actually Jesse, I bought this at Best Buy because it had a Best Buy Exclusive which is a 6 song CD soundtrack of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. It comes in an oversized box which holds the DVD, a fold out movie poster, the usual DVD booklet and the CD in a cardboard sleeve. I imagine you could...
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    TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Re-release specs!!!

    I can absolutely confirm that the new Texas Chainsaw DVD is in fact the same one as the first DVD. It has the same menu and the same compression problems coupled with the non-animorphic transfer. I am so glad I kept my Elite Laserdisc of this film!!! Russ
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    House of 1000 Corpses - Crappiest Packaging ever

    I'm just curious did anyone who got the cardboard copy of "house of 1000 Corpses" get a booklet with theirs? Mine has a pocket for a booklet, but no booklet was inside.
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    Multiple Defective Shallow Hal DVD's

    I had a freeze up in chapter 21 on Shallow Hal. I took it back and the second one did the same thing in chapeter 21 but not in the exact same spot. I have a Pioneer DV-333. I haven't had any problems with any of the other 360+ DVd's I own, so I am a little peeved about it. I am just gonna take...
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    HTF & DVD ETC. MAGAZINE POLL: "The Top 10 Videos you can't get on DVD"

    1. Lost Highway 2. Wild at Heart 3. Auntie Mame 4. Eating Raoul 5. What's Up Doc? 6. El Topo 7. Dial M for Murder 8. To Catch a Thief 9. Jackie Brown 10. Ed Wood
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    MAD MONSTER PARTY let's work on this one for dvd

    Here is a blurb from the RankinBass.com website: MAD MONSTER PARTY! "Anchor Bay Entertainment will be releasing MAD MONSTER PARTY on DVD & VHS in the summer of 2002. The DVD will be a Special Edition and they do plan to work with Rankin/Bass on this, as well as their upcoming editions of THE...