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    New Warner Bros. logo sparks controversy

    Warner Bros. could add to the impact of their logo by going back to the "Steiner fanfare" used from the late 1930s for many years. It identified a WB picture almost as much as the Alfred Newman fanfare did for 20th Century-Fox.
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    Can OLED screens replace projection in cineplexes?

    It all gets down to if the audience wants to see the particular movie. I doubt that more than a small percentage of techie buffs care what kind of display is used as long as they can get absorbed in the show.
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    Blu-ray Review Mary Poppins: 50th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Review

    In Matt's glowing review he mentions several of the long-time actors that appear in small roles, but left out Jane Darwell's final performance. He mentions the Bird Lady, but not that she was played by Darwell. When MARY POPPINS was released I was working for Disney's distribution branch, Buena...
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    digital capture VS film capture

    Without knowing what the filmmakers intended, I don't think we the viewers can vote on a generality of whether digital or film capture is superior. I have seen both very good and very bad from both systems.
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    Blu-ray Review End of Watch Blu-ray Review

    I found this picture completely impossible to watch after more than about 15 minutes. It's not the quality of the video coming from small surveillance cameras, but the fact that they are bouncing all over the place, being clipped to the cop's shirts. That fact is mentioned in the review, but...
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934) -- in Blu-ray

    Why does the photo accompanying your review show James Stewart and Daniel Gelin from the remake?
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    Aspect Ratio Documentation

    Interesting about YOUNG BESS. It was shot in 3-strip Technicolor, so at 1:37 ratio. Recutting and reformatting the entire picture sounds like a publicity plug. While at Turner, we made new protection elements on this picture from the 3-strip negatives. It looked great, but I can't say anything...
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    I Need a New Water Heater

    We also have an on demand heater in about the same size house with only two people. No problems with running out of hot water, waiting for it to heat up after dishwasher, etc. It took a few days to get scheduled and installed. It's more of a project than just replacing an old heater, and not...
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    Aspect Ratio Documentation

    CALAMITY JANE was photographed in 3-strip Technicolor. The Technicolor camera could only record in 1:37 format. Dick May
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    United 93

    Regardless of the emotional impact, I have never seen this film due the extreme use of hand held camera. It is distracting, and makes many people uncomfortable. It looks like it is being used less in current films. Maybe enough people complained. DM
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    Lets talk about CLEOPATRA- 1963

    I was working for Buena Vista (Disney) in Los Angeles at the time, and was invited to the first (or one of the first) showings at the Pantages. Our seats were in row 3, so all four hours were looking up at the monstrous screen. We thought the picture would never end! I have seen it more...
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    Questions for people who haven't gone Blu yet...

    I find that results with Oppo DVD player, upscaling to a 1080 TV, are very good, and I don't feel I need another piece of hardware. Dick May
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    Universal Vault Series - exclusive DVD-Rs

    I guess most of the public doesn't remember Deanna Durbin, but even those who do don't spell her name correctly. We see Deana and Deane above, neither of which are correct. Sorry to be pedantic, but I'm sort of a stickler with accuracy in such matters. DM
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    DVD Review HTF DVD REVIEW: TCM American Classics - Musicals

    The only one of these four pictures where the reviewer got the release date correct was SINGIN' IN THE RAIN. BANDWAGON is 1952, not 1944, MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS is 1944, EASTER PARADE is 1948. Research, anyone? What else might be wrong from this reviewer? DM