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    New member from South Carolina

    Its new old stock, RC-62ii ..
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    New member from South Carolina

    I found a RC-62 from a guy for 215 shipped..Let me know if you can beat that
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    Do audiophile quality cables make a difference?

    I bought a set of higher end towers from an older hobby hobbyist and he threw in these 2 weird looking, HUGE, braided cables. They have 4 banana plugs on one end and 2 on the other. They're Monster Z Series 3 (I THINK COULD BE 2) I started researching and found some for sale at embarrassing...
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    Klipsch R20-B The Flagship of Soundbars

    I paid right at 1000 bucks for this rig, I used it 2 months and put it in storage, because it was too small for my room. This is not your typical soundbar. The subwoofer is 30 pounds and is a 10 inch wireless side firing beast. The Bar is 40 inches long, and has 8 different drivers and weighs 10...
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    New member from South Carolina

    Hello everyone, I am not a hardcore audiophile but enjoy tinkering. I currently run a Denon 7.2, Klipsch set up. I have two Klipsch Reference 12's, a pair of RF-82II's, and R51 bookshelves. I am in the middle of replacing my old speakers that I have had for almost 17 years. I was running Polk...