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    Why go stereo?

    Question for Brett: You indicated you will be segragating the HT & audio paths but you have separate amplification points. Are you using the same speakers for both setups? How will you switch them depending on the source>
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    Wall/Ceiling mount recomendations

    I am in the process of gutting my kichen/dining room area and want to put in either wall or ceiling mount speakers as the 'B' selection. All things being equal - which configuration is better - wall or ceiling mount for audio? Any speaker recomendations - want to stay on a modest budget.
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    What do you guys think about Boston Acoustic speakers?

    To extend this thread even furthur... Loved the bostons since I first heard them. Kind of a mix and match setup: VR30's mains VR10 center Micro90X rears Sony SAWM40 sub (will probably change this out in the future) Onkyo 595
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    universal remotes - the Home Theater Master MX-500, SL-9000 or Sony RM-VL900

    The MX-500 replaced 7 remotes for me. Easy to setup, easy to us - even the wife likes it.
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    WTB - Boston Acoustics VR-10 Center

    Subject says it all - need to match my VR30's.
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    Sony SAWM40 mods

    Great mod. Bought a bag of 20 oz. polyfil at Walmart for $1.97. Stuffed the inside with all 20 oz. ( this stuff really expands ) and glued w/hot melt to sides. Bass is much tighter and, but I needed to re-cal the system to bump up the bass.
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    Best universal remote for $200

    I'd go with either the Home Theater Master MX-1000 ( ~$210 ) or the MX-500 ( ~$120 ). I have the MX-500 and it's great. Can program/learn up to 10 devices, gobs of macros, and I prefer the discrete button feel ( all buttons can be programmed ) with the flexibility of the LCD to customize the...
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    what made 2 speakers timbre matched?

    Felix - did you check with Boston ? I asked the same question a couple of months ago trying to timbre match my older VR30s with some center channels. They responded within a day or two ( using email ) - a phone call may be better.
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    Bi-Wiring Cable Differences

    Ok, the next question is - why ? Assuming the high & low frequency loads are in the same range of impedance ( 8 ohms nominal ) why would the thicker ( 12 guage ) be better for the higher frequencies ? If anything, I would have though the reverse. The thicker, lower resistance cable to the...
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    Bi-Wiring Cable Differences

    My front L/R are boston acoustics which are bi-wire capable but presently they are not wired as such - I have 12 gauge cable to each. The question is: should the same type of cable be used ( 12 gauge ) if I was to convert to bi-wiring, or could the high frequency wire be a lighter gauge ?
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    Trying to find a good deal on the Sony SA-WM40

    Got mine just before Christmas at www.shopsunshine.com for $161.32 to the door ( Southern NJ ). Arrived on time, double boxed, great vendor.
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    how to magnetically shield speakers

    For magnetic shielding copper or aluminum will not work, you need to use a material that blocks the magnetic field (copper and/or aluminum is great for electrical shielding). I've never done it with a speaker, but have used very thin steel sheet metal for other magnetic shielding applications...
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    Keeping cats off the speakers

    The only problem with the ballons is now you have to worry about kids!!