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    Console Questions

    Just wanted to be clear. So I would still need to buy the X-box remote so I could use other remotes.
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    Console Questions

    Good point, Kevin. But wouldn't I still need the receiver end that goes into one of the game inputs to receive the remote signal?
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    Console Questions

    Awesome responses fellas! You have left me much to think about. While I am a casual gamer, I do like multiplayer games so the X-box has the slight edge there. However, the machine will be used primarily to show DVDs but I don't mind buying the remote. I really need to decide what 2-3 games I'm...
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    Console Questions

    Great. Thanks for both your opinions. I must admit I'm leaning towards the X-box because of X-box Live but since most of my friends have PS2 systems, I would have greater access to games with that system. Thanks again for your input. If anyone else cares to respond, I welcome other opinions.
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    Console Questions

    I'm really not a gamer, but my DVD player is on its last legs and I need a new machine. I thought about replacing it with a game console since all I would like the ability to play games and only require two features from my DVD player: *Component video out *Optical audio out It's getting...
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    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: "About Schmidt" (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) (with screenshots)

    Great review, Ron. I saw this the night it premiered (New York, LA and Omaha) and loved it. This movie is alternatively thought provoking and funny - hilariously funny for those who have lived in the Omaha area. You almost have to be local to "get" the mockery of the Woodmen tower cake, the...
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    WIND coming to DVD on 3/11!!!!

    I stopped at Circuit City right after they opened to pick this one up since David Lambert's roundup showed they had the best price. The clerk there tried to look it up and said that he had no record of this movie coming out today. Next I went to the local Best Buy over lunch and checked the...
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    Crossroads (The Blues Film)

    I've asked for this one here a few times myself. I would really love to see this DVD. For those interested in a little Crossroads (the actual intersection where the bluesmen sold their souls) history, Slate has put up an interesting peice about it:
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    Weekly Roundup 11/12 (May The Force Be With You!)

    If you want to know all the DVDs from retailers advertisements, check out Sales I've found this site to be an invaluable tool in conjunction with David's wonderful roundup!
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    Weekly Roundup 8/27

    Anyone know of good prices for Return of the Living Dead? Edit - Looks like $9.99 at Best Buy. Hope they have it in stock.
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    Weekly Roundup 8/20

    Count me in as another who got the incredible Pulp Fiction/Jackie Brown $5 off deal + a free From Dusk 'til Dawn at my local Best Buy. What a great deal, one which I would have never known about without HTF and Mr. Lambert. Thanks much David!
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    Trick or Treat on dvd when??

    Count me in as one who would buy Trick or Treat. I haven't seen it in 14 years but I have fond memories of this flick.
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    Weekly Roundup 7/30

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    Weekly Roundup 7/30

    What? No Dragonfly in David's roundup? For those interested, CompUSA has it for $16.99 and Best Buy for $19.99.
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    *** Official Thread - Robert Harris - Home Theater: Part One & Two - An Archaeology

    Wow, what a great article! I'm looking forward to many more articles from Mr. Harris. I can only hope that this additional exposure on The Bits will add to the legendary status that the film preservation/restoration community, cinemaphiles and members of HTF have known for a long time. Thank you...