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    Is it me or is Madden 2004 too hard?

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    Is it me or is Madden 2004 too hard?

    Too hard?! On Pro level? You are joking right? LOL! :D :D :D You haven't tried the All-Madden level, huh? :D I only play on the All-Madden level. The rest of the levels are TOO EASY! LOL! :D :D :D
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    Annoying trend in current Direct-View design.

    I feel your pain... I am actually at work now, surfing the web to look for another "affordable" entertainment center because my current EC won't accomodate the new Sony 34XBR910 that I want. :angry: :thumbsdown: I need another 4 inches of width to make it to 40 inches. :angry: I even...
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    Get your Game Face (TM) On...Tiger Woods 2004

    I waited a long time for the 2003 version to go on sale. Is the new version really worth trading in the old towards the purchase of a new one? In the "Game Face" mode, can you create a face that resembles a child? My nephew (5 yrs. old) would get a kick out of that when he comes over. :)...
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    The Big Debate: Madden 2004 or Sega's ESPN Football 2004?

    I was wondering if this thread would rear it's ugly head again. Now that I have actually played the new ESPN NFL Football (NFL2K4) game for the XBox, I can give my "opinion" of how the game compares to Madden 2004. First, let me say this. Gameplay will always win me over. I don't care how...
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    Moto GP2 Xbox worth getting?

    Although I don't have much time to play anymore, I'll basically repeat what Mike said about the game. It is awesome! I have yet to have this much fun with ANY racing game that I have played. And I'm only talking about the single player! Xbox Live takes this to another level. Moto GP2 and XBL...
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    Sony 34xbr910

    Mac F, Check out some of the post in the AVS forum. Be sure to go to the direct view forum for the posts. (www.avsforum.com) A number of folks in the N.Y. and Seattle areas have reported seeing, touching, feeling, and actually buying the new 34XBR910. :D At Circuit City of all places...
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    HTF Xbox Live Gamertag Compilation

    Gametag: DCNetBoy (Internationally known and locally accepted!) LOL! :D Games: Capcom vs. SNK 2: EO MotoGP 2 Unreal Championship Tetris Worlds (new) R.T.C.W. (new) DCNetBoy
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    Whats are you top 3 Xbox Live Games?

    Although I own about five XBox Live games, all of them take a back seat to my favorite, Capcom vs. SNK 2: EO. I absolutely love to play this game. It reminds me so much of the old arcades. I still get that same excitement of playing someone I hardly know and trying to beat the snot out of them...
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    The Big Debate: Madden 2004 or Sega's ESPN Football 2004?

    Scott W, Your post was hilarious! Man, I'm sure you are a funny guy, but I didn't mean to ruffle your pink feathers. “Screen indicators”? In the game of football?! LMAO! :D "Hey, look out! That arrow indicates that Warren Sapp is about to sack you!” LOL!! :D I don't think I am partial to...
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    The EA online strategy debate thread

    Did anyone notice that Sony stated a 98% profit loss last quarter! The PS2 is now losing money!! In my opinion, the PS2 is dead. The last game that I bought for the PS2 was GTA Vice City when it came out. How long ago was that?! Everything I buy now is for the XBox. EA and Sony need to...
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    The Big Debate: Madden 2004 or Sega's ESPN Football 2004?

    I am truly unbiased when it comes to football games. I have owned or played virtually every football game on every console and I can say without one reasonable doubt that the Madden series has been consistently the best in gameplay. Your Mileage May Vary. Needless to say that it will be Madden...
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    KV-32HS510 - Just got it and It's AWESOME

    I saw a brand new HS510 at Belmont TV in Arlington, VA on Monday. Unfortunately, Belmont didn't have an HD signal routed to the set. They had an awful looking DBS signal playing on it and there was no DVD player hooked up to it. The new 510 was marked at $1299.99. If it wasn't marked, I...
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    Looks like NBA Street vol. 2 is out a lil' early ...

    Bob, Get the Xbox version. It's "Off The Heezy"! :D The graphics and controls are pretty tight. :emoji_thumbsup: I did not find them to be an issue at all. In fact, the controls will remind you of EA's SSX games. As far as the graphics, I don't see the PS2 looking this good. LOL! I never...
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    KV-32HS510 - Just got it and It's AWESOME

    MitchB, I'm interested in upgrading to the HS510 from an older XBR250. How many HD inputs does the HS510 have? Specifically, does the HS510 have enough inputs for at least to HD component signals, plus a DVI input? I'd like to hook up a progressive scan DVD, an XBox with the HD pack, and...