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    Dollhouse - season 2

    Drop dead perfect as Topher. Absolutely nailed it.
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    Dollhouse - season 2

    So that's why when I watched this episode, I felt like I'd missed one. Totally lost me. I'll have to watch that tomorrow, and then the finale again. Amazing just how good this show got once they new they had a finite end, and could plot accordingly. The first season, "Echo character of the...
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    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Without a Paddle

    "mmmmmmmmm, squirrel!"
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    Freaks and Geeks Yearbook Edition

    Is this worth getting instead of the regular box set? I mean, besides the unique packaging, are the extras enough to make it a must-have?
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    Iron Man (2008)

    I was really impressed with the quality of the CGI. There was only one short instance where it looked fake, I think in one of the shots of him flying by the ferris wheel. The rest it was spot on, almost like they'd built little robot models and filmed them. It really kept me in the movie, as it...
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    help connecting two VCRs

    sorry, I haven't bothered to check out this thread since resolving the problem. I had it wired up properly, I just had a brain cramp and had forgotten that to receive a line-in signal from something other than the main source selected, I needed to switch the receiver's source input to...
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    Alias Smith and Jones

    I've watched the episodes on the western channel over the past couple of years, remembering that i loved this show as a kid. To me, Pete Duel will always be Heyes, as the show seemed to lose a bit when Roger Davis took over the role. a bit unfair to him perhaps, as someone mentioned above, he...
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    Sleeper Cell Season 2

    so, if and when there's a next season, are we gonna see a Fugitive-type scenario with Darwin chasing Fariq(Farad?) across the entire Middle East?
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    Sleeper Cell Season 2

    you're assuming that Darwin is dead? i'm not so sure that that is a certainty.
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    Favorite "popular" rendition of a Christmas classics.

    Chrissie Hynde, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. beautiful voice, beautiful rendition.
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    Sleeper Cell Season 2

    it seems like this season they're really going wild on the boobie shots. not that i'm complaining, mind you. :D
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    THE WIRE season 4 (see post #1 re: SPOILERS)

    i thought Marlo did see Bodie get into the car with McNulty, when he went down to booking with the lawyer to get Chris and Snoop out. the guy he was talking to afterward was just a sounding board about whether it was something he should be concerned about or not, and he decided that he couldn't...
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    THE WIRE season 4 (see post #1 re: SPOILERS)

    i've gotta say, for some reason, this season didn't really grab me at first. i loved the police stuff, the Carchetti stuff, and the stuff on the streets, but whenever we got to the stuff at school, it just lost me. i don't know why, but for whatever reason, i just couldn't come to know and...
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    HTF's Best Albums List

    these are all albums I like, I believe they are all rewarding listens. whether they are important in the development of the genre is a subjective opinion. first, i'll start with my list of ten favorite all-time that i submitted earlier this summer to a radio station contest. bear in mind...
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    help with connections

    well, i took one of the S-video cables over to my parents' house, and connected their dvd player to the TV with it. got a friend who might be able to use the other one. luckily, they didn't cost me much. as for me, i'll just stick with RCA until i can afford to buy the Anthem pre-pro. ;)