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    The Official Disney Movie Club Blu-ray Exclusives Thread

    I am just about ready to cancel my membership. I've waited quite a while for some exclusives to no avail, and their sales don't really mean much to me because I have all the titles I want from their stock. It's such a shame because one of my most wanted blu-rays is The Happiest Millionaire...
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    21st Century Fox Studio Sold To Disney! Sale Finalized See Post #368

    One thing I learned is that Fox actually had plans to do a special video release for The Sound of Music this past March for its 55th anniversary. Fox had never missed an anniversary of this movie going way back, and doing something special every 5 years. Then Disney purchased Fox and then The...
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    On A Clear Day You Can See Forever Blu-ray May 26, 2020

    Wait till we're 65 is a great song (just watched it on the On a Clear Day website of cut numbers), it isn't orchestrated as well as the Broadway version. The one I really love from the Broadway show is "The S.S. Bernard Cohn." A great number. I hope one day they do a search for the missing...
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    On A Clear Day You Can See Forever Blu-ray May 26, 2020

    I for one am happy with the release. I never thought I would see the day this would come out on blu-ray from Paramount itself! I am very excited as it looks like someone at Paramount who believes in blu-ray has entered or taken over their home video department and decided that blu-rays of their...
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    Kino Lorber Insider (Read Guidelines Post #3)

    I don't remember them saying that, they did answer me a long time ago that they didn't have it on the last deal. I would hope they want it, in all the threads about musicals, it's mentioned all the time. One should never ignore a Rodgers and Hammerstein property.
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    Kino Lorber Insider (Read Guidelines Post #3)

    Am really hoping this time around with the Universal deal that we get 2 of my favorite movies of all time, Flower Drum Song and Thoroughly Modern Millie. Two fantastic large scale musicals with incredible 4.0 stereo soundtracks. Millie became Universal's top grosser of all time when it was...
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    Press Release TWILIGHT TIME MOVIES PRESS RELEASE: It's Twilight Time For Us! Our "Goodbye" & "Gratitude" Sale

    My sincere thanks to Twilight Time. I have so many early Fox Cinemascope blu-rays thanks to you, TT. And movies I never thought I would see on blu like Lost Horizon. Sad that no one stepped in to continue this but alas alot of Nick's efforts show in each title. To the people in the company, a...
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    The Twilight Time News and Info Thread

    I find it more than sad that we lost Nick. This man was truly dedicated to his work, and really deserved an award of some kind for Twilight Time. I am so sad that we will probably not have any more titles from the company now. How many great films were released. My favorites were Oliver, Lost...
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    SOUND OF MUSIC 4K restoration and 70mm reissue???

    Wow, I thought I was the only one who thought this film would be perfect for a 3D conversion. After seeing what a classy job Warner Brothers did with The Wizard of Oz, I have been hoping, but now that Disney owns the movie, my hopes for anything are much lower if not, gone. They didn't even do...
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    If Santa could transfer any film to 4K which 10 would you like him to place under your tree?

    The Sound of Music Mary Poppins The Ten Commandments Ben Hur Hello Dolly! Flower Drum Song Thoroughly Modern Millie The King and I The Pirates of Penzance Twister
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    Paint Your Wagon & Loving You

    Paint your Wagon has appeared on several of Dish's movie channels, I know it was on Reteroplex and I taped it on the DVR external drive, and I have to say the sound and picture were just gorgeous, a first class remaster, if not restoration. That is what is so sad, what this would look like on...
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    Press Release Criterion Press Release: Polyester (Blu-ray)

    Does anyone know if additional Odorama cards will be available? I would think Criterion would have made sure to have alot of extras for those wanting to order more, after all, most of us watch movies way more than one time over the years and once you rub the card, the scent may stay awhile but...
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    20000 Leagues Under The Sea and In Search of the Castaways -- DMC Exclusives Coming Soon

    Oh we think alike, one of my most longed for blurays, The Happiest Millionaire. With the exciting news of 20,000 Leagues, which is day 1 for me, this renews hope for Millionaire and maybe even the restored Bedknobs. Strange, today was the first time I went to the Disney Club site in months and...
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    SOUND OF MUSIC 4K restoration and 70mm reissue???

    I am one of the posters unhappy with the SOM blu-and I also think that The King and I is an abomination. We do not "hate" The Sound of Music transfer for the blu-ray, we just want the original colors back and the high end of the sound unfiltered. I believe the blu-ray of SOM is one of the...
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    SOUND OF MUSIC 4K restoration and 70mm reissue???

    How fun going back to read this thread, especially since we are getting close to 2020, the film's next 5-year anniversary and hopefully the time Fox will release this in 4k. I have stated my feelings on the blu-ray anywhere people will listen. The sound was not spectacular, Oklahoma, made 10...