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    Another tomtom one owner here, second edition, it showed all the signs of inaccuracy such as the wrong side of street and even several streets over from it's correct location. This resolved itself after I connected it to my blackberry by bluetooth, now it's pinpoint accurate.
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    Hissing from rear speakers...Help?

    If it's just for the bedroom I'd recommend a cheap Sherwood AVR to replace what you have. I had the same problem as to what you have with my former Pioneer AVR (one of thier first DD AVRs) and I think this was pretty common for most brands mass market models (I notieced this seem to disappear...
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    amp advice for magnapans?

    Second this as well since they can be found for a steal on ebay.
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    wireless networking help please

    I had a similar problem with an older computer but it wasn't due to being wireless but a wired lan connection (telling it to "repair" or disable/enable wouldn't fix it most of the time). I installed an USB to lan adapter but while it was installing, I have no idea why, the other adapter (the one...
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    What's the weirdest food combo you (or someone you know) eat?

    Jelly with scrambled eggs is one of my father's favorites. He also likes a mix of honey, ketchup, and mustard with fries. I with those who don't believe mixing sweets with meats (can't stand honeyed ham) or salted items with very rare exceptions (certain Oriental dishes). One of the few items...
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    Is Scaring People Illegal?

    I think it was staged, I found it strange that none of these people had any kind of music device they were listening to (ipod or mp3 player) which would make this a very expensive prank since most people I know carry at least a cellphone, some cash, and some other electronics which may not be...
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    Is Scaring People Illegal?

    My thoughts exactly, there are plenty of nuts in the world and some are of the gun toting type. Even if the person was not a trained combatant or carrying an obvious weapon if they were carrying something hard and heavy (trophy or bowling ball) it could lead to a bad situation to either party by...
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    ditched norton, now what? PLEASE HELP!

    I ditched AVG for Avast because AVG is not a continuous sweeper versus Avast (it scans each email opened and each time media is opened). Avast is more of a resource hog but much less than Norton (I build computers for friends, family, and co-workers) from what I've seen. McAfee is pretty...
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    Trouble with some spyware

    Wow looks like most of the short list that I have on my computer but I also use the following: Noadware to knock out those sites that likes to hijack the homepage. http://www.noadware.net/?hop=boost4 AVG is resource friendly but the free one is not a continous scan product, I recommend...
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    Rant: STRESS! Why are people so clueless!!!

    I hate this when it comes from total strangers or when you call customer service from any company, it seems forced and insincere. I wish this would come to a stop.
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    Rant: STRESS! Why are people so clueless!!!

    I'll tell you what stresses me out, when people post complaint topic but won't state the name of the businesses involved. If I had to buy a car or tires I'm now stressed and wonder if this is in the same town or the same dealers I intend to conduct business with and if this is how I'll be...
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    new people across the street

    What city and state do you live in and is the house next door up for sale? Mr Rodgers I wanna be your neighbor.
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    Oldies but goodies......

    Wow, I feel ancient my main theater uses a Technics Sh-Ac500d decoder (DD/DPL/DTS), RS 15-1987 (allows the VCR to be used as upconverts to Svideo and converts analog to pcm for the decoder) video switcher, three pro-audio amps (carver pm900, qsc 1450, and altec lansing 9444A/SA), and Optimus...
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    Cheap Receiver

    I'd recommend a new Sherwood as a cheap brand for 5.1 offerings. There are a lot more options if you intend to go used. About your current AVR, does it have an area that states 5.1 inputs? If it does then all you'll need is a dvd player with a decoder built-in (hard to find and may not save...
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    Speaker and Subwoofer upgrade?

    I thought when we calibrate out theaters that we're aiming for balance? I can't help it if a studio mixes a few tracks hotter than they should be. Back to the topic I think the SVS is an excellent sub (own an older model) but another cheap good sealed sub to consider is the Adire Rava if it...