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    Here Goes.. Denon 5805

    Chris How do you intend to support this heavyweight, reenforced shelves, concrete slab, :D
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    Do you think this will be a weird B&W setup?

    Were the 804s you listened to the new ones with diamond tweeters ??
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    Do you think this will be a weird B&W setup?

    Jim McIntosh equipment alone would send me to heaven:D
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    Do you think this will be a weird B&W setup?

    Ned when you make this broad statement do you include the ASW875
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    SVS PBS-12 plus 2 room placement

    Your sub does not need to at the front of the room, wy not try the back or sides.
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    Bowers & Wilkins - Vs - Monitor Audio??

    Those 802's would shure make a statement in your living room :D
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    Bowers & Wilkins - Vs - Monitor Audio??

    Marco Here is the link to the festival site. http://www.hifiexpo.com/ I plan on going friday afternoon, too many people on the weekend.
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    Bowers & Wilkins - Vs - Monitor Audio??

    Marco The B&W Nautilus line of speakers is regarded as a standard in the industry. They are used as monitors at the Light and magic studios in CA. Certainly one of the better speaker out there. As Alan said, when you reach those levels of quality and monetary investment, there are other solid...
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    Get a Slow Blow for 25 Bucks in the Privacy of Your Home

    Airy and spacious : Refers to what is inside the head of the potential buyer:D :D
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    Onkyo or Yamaha?

    Chris I like the crisp sound of the Yamaha but that is just my opinion. Both companies have a good reputation and I don't think you can go wrong with either one. Have fun:emoji_thumbsup:
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    The perfect speaker!!

    Headphones do go down to 20 HZ. The reason is that they don't have to move a lot of air being so close to your ear drums
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    Help...Stupid Question Thread

    The only stupid question is the one that is not asked:D
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    Why do we need surround sound if we only have 2 ears?

    There is an audiophile recording company (Fidelio) here in Québec that uses two specially designed microphones spaced about six inches apart to do there recordings. They take there setup to churches jazz clubs etc. . The results are pretty good.
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    In an HT system, you don't HAVE to use a center channel *or* a subwoofer

    Albert The movie producers record a sound track that is mixed specifically to be played using a left, center and a wright channel. It is then logical to say that the best way of reproducing that soundtrack is by using a left, center and wright channel. Using the phantom mode is a step...
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    Grado headphones have a great reputation for amazing sound and also for being uncomfortable over long periods. I would go with Sennheiser. Look at the wireless models.