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    4 Ohm Speakers - What Receiver to use??

    HK amps are high current amps.They will drive a 4ohm load easily.Yamaha will drive it to.People seem to get so hung up on specs and really should just let any amp do what it will do.Almost any amp will drive a 4ohm load.It seems speaker and receiver manufacturers are just trying to reduce their...
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    4 ohm M&K's with 6 ohm Denon receiver? Will it work?

    Kenneth,I have owned M&K 4 ohm speakers and drove them with a Yamaha RXV-3000 with no problem.A Denon amp will drive those M&K's.My suggestion is that you set your Denon's Crossover to small(all five channels)and use a powered sub.Most amps will have no problem driving a 4ohm load(tweeters and...
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    Seeking Basement Home Theater Design Advice/Opinions

    I happen to be a licensed low voltage electrician in my state and wire for custom theaters every day.I mean custom too.I have been a member of this forum for about five years and now practice what I preach.That said,what do you want to know?I can answer any question and it will be accurate.
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    Hanging Def Tech BP2 surrounds - need advice

    Do you have fire blocking in your wall?Is the wall insulated?Fire blocking will prevent you from running wire in the wall.A stud finder will tell you.You will need something to penetrate the insulation as you fish the wire down the wall.Really the best way is to run your wire in the attic.Find...
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    I'm beginning to become a "DTS GUY".

    Thanks Joey.I just try to enjoy the movie.I have participated in several DTS vs Dolby Digital threads in the past and it just boils down to what YOUR ears think sounds the best.:)
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    Corvette Summer: We NEED this DVD.

    This thread is why I am a member of HTF.I loved this movie.Was Mark Hamill in Damn Nation Alley?What about Laser Blast?I saw both in the theater in the 70's.
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    I'm beginning to become a "DTS GUY".

    I just jumped in to this thread.Here we go again.DTS sounds great,but DD can sound fantastic too.Star Wars episodes I&II sound amazing !! I dont think a DTS track could do anything to improve those sound mixes.IMHO:)
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    7.1 with couch against wall

    Keep it simple.I use some bracket mounted speakers on the wall above my head for rear center channels and just point them down.My couch is also against the wall.It works fine and sounds great.
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    Hanging Def Tech BP2 surrounds - need advice

    Kevin,Molly's will work just fine.Very inexpensive and they will hold alot of weight.Studs are far more preferable though.Are you going to run the wire in the wall?If so I can give you some advice on that.I do it for a living. :)
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    The Most Expensive System I've ever heard.

    Why buy a new Ferrari when you can only drive the speed limit? You might as well get a $10,000 dollar car.Right?I think people buy expensive high end gear, not because it might sound better but because it gives them piece of mind, knowing they have the best. :)
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    Need HT taken down and re-installed in Novato, CA

    Rich,I do that for a living.The problem is that I live in Washington State.Contact your nearest Audio/Video dealer(not GoodGuys,Best Buy,or Circuit City}and ask if their delivery guys will do it.We do it all the time for people.
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    DTS-ES track on T2 UE better than the DD-EX on the T2 EE.

    No,wait til T3 comes out on DVD and they have the super maxed out three pack!!!
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    The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

    I just saw it last night.All I can say is that the special effect bar has been risen again.I was blown away.I am going to see it again at the Seattle cinerama. :)
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    Rotel 1055 vs Marantz 8200 as pre/pro

    A Rotel rep was the one that told me the 1055 and 1066 were identical.He also told me that Rotel will no longer be using JVC transports in their DVD players,since JVC has sold its DVD player division.Rotel will also be coming out with a DVD/DVDAUDIO/SACD player for around $1500.00.Sorry I...
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    Rotel 1055 vs Marantz 8200 as pre/pro

    I own a 1055 and find it has superb two channel performance to some separates.The RSX-1055 is a RSP-1066 processor with five high current amps and a tuner after all.All 1055's will pass a hi def signal through its component switching too.G o for the Rotel for the bargain it is.I paid $965.00 new.