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    Anyone else having problems with A Bug's Life on the PS3?

    I originally played ABL in my PS3 with older firmware (2.5?) and my wife played it with my daughter tonight with the latest firmware. Both times it played fine.
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    Need some Front Porjector recommendations... <$3K

    I can only say that I am extremely pleased with the Epson PRO 1080UB(performance wise the same as the HOME) in my dedicated theater room and a 110" screen. is a good place to start researching.
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    PCM vs. Bitstream (Denon 3808 and Panasonic BD30)

    Just wanted to say thanks to Paul and Jack. Very simply put and informative posts.
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    A Blu-ray player [Sony BDP-S550] that will do EVERYTHING! (Verified)

    Does anyone know if this unit will provide any kind of bass management for the 7.1 analog outs. Thanks.
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    Wanting to go Blu Ray

    Any word on bass management for the new Panasonic or Sony? Thanks
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    Wanting to go Blu Ray

    One last question. Will either of these two machines provide bass management? My 3802(I wrongly typed 3803 in the original post) will not do bass management through the 5.1 inputs.
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    Wanting to go Blu Ray

    Thanks so much for the help. I am very tempted to get the PS3 right now and use it until the Panny BD50 or the Sony S550 come out. I am planning a flat screen for my living room later in the year so I could use the PS3 for that when the time comes. I will not be needing the new sound formats...
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    Wanting to go Blu Ray

    I am an old HT enthusiast that is trying to get back in the game a little. My T.V. in my theater room is only 1080i (Mits. WS-65907). I have done some reading lately to try and figure out what to do to go blu ray without buying a new T.V. A projector is in my future but not right now. As for my...
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    RPTV vs. Projector? Aesthetics

    I would also go with FP. I have a dedicated room and wish I had a FP. I bought my 65" RPTV about year before I bought a house with a dedicated HT therefore I could not justify replacing it so soon. I have had the RPTV calibrated and the picture is great but I still wish I had a FP. When upgrade...
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    4 Channel Amp

    Thanks John! I ended up going with the Crossfire VR142. It is 35watts X 2. I decided to just let the rear speakers remain powered by the head unit since I really fade most of them out anyway. It really sounds good. I was not sure of my choice on the Kenwood Exelon speakers with the head unit...
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    4 Channel Amp

    I am looking for a reasonably priced(around $200 or less) amp to drive two 6.5" Kenwood Excelon in the front and two Kenwood 6 X 8's in the back. I have a twelve inch sub(Old SVS standard driver) already, so the speakers will only be seeing from about 80hz on up. I am just trying to improve some...
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    A Robert Harris Bits Extra - Lawrence of Arabia: Superbit

    My copy is in the mail. I too have never seen the movie. I am looking foward to it as much as anything in recent memory. I am glad to hear that the disc is so good. I have always wanted to see this movie just never did. Finally I will be able to see it in what sounds like it's finest form to...
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    Thank You Ron !!

    Thank You Ron. Your hard work will be greatly missed.
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    Misery SE

    Another "I would love for this to come true"!!
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    another SE of Bad Boys?

    Superbit Bad Boys on May 13th according to DVD Empire.