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    John Madden to move to Monday Night Football!

    Kimmel would be cool as a commentator, as long as he would take it seriously and not as "hey the man show is on MNF" He does seem to know some football.
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    1st DVD's

    The Matrix.
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    John Madden to move to Monday Night Football!

    I think that Miller was just falling into place at MNF. John Madden's commentary is just like the video games, only stating the obvious. "Ooh, he dropped the ball, he should hold on to it better" Well that's less MNF I'll be watching now. :angry:
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    Dvd Etc. Magazine Poll: All Members Please Respond

    Matrix-Great sound, picture, and extras. Fight Club-Sound, picture, easter eggs, and a ton of extras. Cannibal! The Musical-Everyone needs a cult film in their library and this one is easy on the budget, with decent transfer and sound (considering how cheaply made this film was), great...
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    Is Freddy Got Fingered THAT bad?

    The commentary was quite funny. Tom talks the entire time without much pause. One of the better commentaries I've heard in a while (for a comedy anyway)
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    South Park: Insult to Injury

    Jacques, The website you linked to is for the Apex, does the info in the site also work for the Daewoo. If so I just might make a trip to Sam's. I've been wanting a cheap dvd player for the bedroom anyway.
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    I think the new Halloween has disaster written all over it

    I enjoy watching horror films but Jeepers Creepers was just bad. The first 30 min. was good but then the movie got decidingly worse.
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    Is Freddy Got Fingered THAT bad?

    Yum! Octopus! I guess I'm in the minority her for liking Freddy Got Fingered. Patrick, it's like this with everyone I talk to. If you like Tom Green you'll like the movie, if you don't you'll hate it. I thought his show was quite funny and the movie shows more of the "extreme" side of Tom...
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    MSNBC mentions Petition Against Miramax's Treatment of Asian Films

    Signed. It's really pathetic that Disney and other companies "dumb down" movies for us Americans. Shaloin Soccer to Kung Fu Soccer. Plus not only that but not releasing movies like The Ring in the US only to have it remade before we can even see the original. :angry:
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    Film Association (2)

    Legend of Billie Jean.
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    E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

    I'm going to guess $115 mil. I have a feeling that the new release will go through the roof, considering that not a lot of new (or quality) films have been released. I know a lot of people who want to see it on the big screen.
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    *** Official "DEATH TO SMOOCHY" Discussion Thread

    Sweet! I've been wanting to see this but was afraid that it would be PG or PG-13. I agree Scott with this kind of movie and an R rating it has a good chance of being a classic. It's on my must see list this year.
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    Did you guys ever see a movie called 'OVERNIGHT DELIVERY'?

    This was a very funny movie. I saw it a couple of years ago and haven't seen it in any stores since.
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    Directors Your least favorite/most hated Simpsons character.

    Lisa. least fav. Homer fav.
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    Harry Potter dvd

    The details on the DVD are now posted.