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    Sirius Home docking kit. Headphones?

    sounds good, thanks. Now if I can just find one. There is one best buy that is showing one about 30 minutes away. Its kind of screwed up if Howard has incentives in his contract based on subscriptions, but there arent enough units in the stores.
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    Stern the best thing to happen to Satellite

    can someone post the revelations once you find out. I cant wait until it becomes streaming
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    Sirius Home docking kit. Headphones?

    Can you plug headphones directly into the Sportster RCA-out jack? This would be a cheaper alternative for work than the boombox. Thanks
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    How to find sales prices of nearby homes

    yahoo real estate. whats my home worth?
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    Must See: Frontline: A Company of Soldiers

    This was on PBS last night, and it blew me away. If you want to get a good idea of what really is going on in Iraq, you will have to check it out. There is also another one called Frontline: A Soldier's Heart, coming in March. You can also watch this on-line starting Friday, if its not being...
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    Donnie Darko Directors Cut DVD?

    if I havent seen either yet, should I watch the original, or the directors cut first?
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    Will my speakers survive in my cold garage?

    I have a pair of Cerwin Vega DX-9 speakers that are great speakers for partys and loud music, but I have to keep them in my garage through the cold Michigan winter. I am debating on selling them anyway, but they will be a pain to ship.They have huge cabinets. Does anyone know how much damage...
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    7.1 or 6.1 and what to buy?

    www.shoponkyo.com when you register, you should get 10 onkyo points which relates to $10. Onkyo TX-SR800 THX7.1 for $565 Onkyo TX-SR601 6.1 for $450 plus you get SKSHT510 6.1 speaker package for free. Should be free shipping and no-tax in some states. Mine came looking brand new out...
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    Dvd series you recommend for...

    Trailer Park Boys Comedy from Canada that just started airing in the US on BBC America. You can also download the shows of the net. I bought mine from amazon.ca funniest thing I ever watched
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    Get ready for the best comedy ever

    Trailer Parks Boys is coming to BBC America, starting April 15th at 9:00pm. This is the funniest comedy I have ever seen. It has been in Canada for a few years, and going into their 4th season. The only thing is that Im not sure how much of it is going to be edited because of the language and...
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    The Ongoing Wal-Mart $4.88/$5.50/$5.88 Bargain Bin Thread

    i bought Wild things in the bin and it was OAR. Watch out though, a SE is coming out.
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    Fantasy Football 2003

    What do you guys think? Should I trade Ricky Williams and David Bosten for Ahman Green and Torry Holt? Sounds good to me, what would you do? Thanks
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    good place to buy jewelry?

    Where is a good place to buy jewelry, rings especially. And also, when is the best time of the year?
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    FOX in HD through comcast

    Flipping through the channels last night I stumbled upon Fox in HD. They were playing Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. I had no idea this was in the works. I wonder what else they are planning on showing? Hopefully football
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    Rogue Squadron 3-is anyone going to bother?

    Phillip, those scenes look like their taken right from the movie. I was using progressive scan mode and the looked great, almost like it was a sneek peak and what the DVDs are going to look like.