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    HTF DVD REVIEW: Nash Bridges: The First Season

    I've been trying to get this set but the 4 that I've found have broken spindles and scratched discs. They've all come from Best buy so I'm going to try another retailer. Anybody else had this pproblem though?
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    The Unit: Season 4

    Thanks! :emoji_thumbsup:
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    The Unit: Season 4

    anybody know when it's starting? there seems to be no premiere date on tv.com. I know it has been renewed. Is it not coming back till January?
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    Ghost Rider...can you believe this?

    I would have loved it if it were far darker and almost, if not, rated R. The longer cut didn't really help it out unfortunately. :frowning:
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    Fastest Time you've completed a tv on dvd set?

    I watched Lost: Season 1 and Alias: Season 4 (I think) both in 2 days each.
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    Conan The Adventurer--90s cartoons

    I've been waiting for this one for awhile. No luck as yet, sadly. :frowning:
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    The L Word - Season 4

    Thanks for the reminder. I'll be watching.
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    Composer Shirley Walker - RIP

    This news makes me very sad. :frowning:
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    [NEW] Forthcoming DVDs of Foreign/Art/Independent Films

    Artie Lange's Beer League will be out on January 2nd! :emoji_thumbsup:
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    Salt Lake City NBC Affiliate

    SNL is risque programming?
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    Smallville season 6

    what happened at the end of last weeks episode? my VCR apparently cut it off when Martha and Clark were talking. :frowning:
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    So what's on your fall TV schedule?

    Sunday 09:00 (ABC) - Desperate Housewives 10:00 (CBS) - Without a Trace Monday 09:00 (NBC) - Heroes 10:00 (NBC) - Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 10:00 (CBS) - CSI: Miami Tuesday 08:00 (CBS) - NCIS 09:00 (CBS) - The Unit 10:00 (ABC) - Boston Legal Wednesday 09:00 (ABC) - Lost...
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    CSI: Miami season 5 thread

    I watch it but mainly because it's a CSI show.
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    Artie Lange's Beer League

    It's going national! :emoji_thumbsup: