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    Does ISF calibration matter so much with LCD/plasma?

    George- I definitely appreciate your comments, and I wasn't trying to cause drama or altercations! And while everyone does have an opinion, those opinions are why alot of us look to forums and community sites, to get first hand advice from people that have used the services (and paid for it...
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    Does ISF calibration matter so much with LCD/plasma?

    Several years ago when I first joined the forum, ISF calibration seemed like a great idea, particularly with RPTVs that had 3 CRTS that could use aligning and such. But now that the sets are basically fixed sheets of LCD, is it still worth the $400 or so to hire a pro?
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    Sony STR-DG 910 "squishing" analog widescreen content

    Hi guys. Long time no see. Recently upgraded my system when I moved, and my new 910 is "squishing" my Wii display... My Comcast DVR via componet and Xbox360 via HDMI pass through fine in the proper aspect ratio (I leave the TV in standard mode), but the Wii is being horizontally squished...
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    Oh No! Is my Tosh 40H80 dying?

    i found a place (A&A Electronics in Chicago) that will come to my house and give me an estimate onsite for $59, and if I like the estimate the $59 will go towards the costs of repair. does that sound fair? i really dont feel like lugging this thing around.
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    Oh No! Is my Tosh 40H80 dying?

    this is just lovely. my toshiba 16 x9 set just started flaking out on me. first it just turned green, solid green. reset it, and then there were all sorts of weird wavy lines in r, g, and b. turned it off for a while. came on super super bright and darn near white. reset it...
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    What's up with story boards anyway - does anybody

    yeah? and I wouldn't :) That's the beauty of DVD... we all get the choice to look at what we want (in theory). I would rather have pre-production sotryboards from a director, as opposed to marketing materials from marketing execs at univeral...
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    My girlfriend's Jane-6Pack friend

    the easiest way out of this situation in the future- get rid of the VCR, at least in the main HT. Ours has been unplugged for months... Once I get the monitors for our avid, we're going to just move it over by the machine to spit quick and shitty dubs out to.
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    How to turn off copyguard for screen captures? (DVD)

    Jeff, I know you are a staunch supporter of everything the industry says it wants to protect, but people do have the right to put still shots in their reviews... Are you suggesting that only studio approved PR grabs are kosher to include in reviews?
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    D-VHS on the way? Studios pledge Support in Thursday's Conference

    It's not going to be 10 years before we get HD-DVD. You can bet your sweet ass that the optical industry gets moving..
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    D-VHS on the way? Studios pledge Support in Thursday's Conference

    Despite being digital, the tape will have mechanical wear- miniDV does, even though it's digital.
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    How to combat piracy?

    Pull an adobe... Asian piracy is too rampant for them, so they are going to stop producing localized versions for Asia; I read it costs them 800k per version localization, and the governments of those countries do absolutely nothing to repect their copyright- so fuck em. they cut em off, and...
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    Looking for the best/cheapest way to get VHS tapes converted to DVD... Suggestions?

    "digital video tape models seem silly." Not for digitial content creations pros :) I'd like to be able to spit stuf out and archive to DVD, but you cant take a packet writing optical disc drive into the field and jostle it around...
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    X-Files is Cancelled

    Joe- I quit watching the xfiles in favor of HBO's Oz/Sopranos/Sex in City/6 feet Under sunday night power lineups. Sunday was "Fox night" every sunday all during college.... once i graduated, sunday became "HBO Night"..maybe an income had something to do with it too...
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    Can I get an opinion on this distribution method?

    Hi all- I hope no one views this as an ad or spammy or anything; i'm an active member here, and I've worked on something recently, and I'm curious to see what people think about my methods. OFAYS, an independant music project from New York, was looking for a way to distribute their debut album...
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    X-Files is Cancelled

    HBO killed the X-files, IMHO.