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    Your ONE Most Favorite Film of All Time?

    As someone said earlier, a near impossible question to answer. Having said that after much thought, I would have to say..." Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb." Easily one of the best comedies ever made and feature's stellar performances by Peter Sellers. Not...
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    HD-DVD International DVD List -

    Was checking the site DVDGO in Spain and couldn't find "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" anywhere on the site for HD-DVD. Is it out of print already? Please post link if you have it for that movie specifically. The only thing I could find was a pre-order for a special edition DVD of the...
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    Borat DVD fakeout

    Umm, I think my post was very clear. Netflix has a link to "bonus materials available separately" for Borat, but if I'm not mistaken there isn't a bonus disc. Anyone know why Netflix has a bonus disc listed?
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    Borat DVD fakeout

    Also, Netflix has a Bonus materials disc for rent. If I'm not mistaken there isn't a second disc? Maybe some more fakeout stuff. Anyone know anything about this? The bonus disc currently has a very long wait which is very rare for a bonus disc at Neflix. Later, Rick
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    Wii preorders start tommorow

    Well, It was a waste of time to even try to get them online at Gamestop. At about 6:00 pm MST, I had just checked the web-site and it still had the message about pre-orders occurring sometime this evening and to keep checking. I then refreshed the screen no more than 5 minutes later and a...
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    Wii preorders start tommorow

    I got an e-mail from Gamestop last night saying that Wii bundles will be available for pre-order online starting Thursday Evening CST. That's great, but they didn't give a specific time CST. Anyone have an idea of when the pre-orders will start Thursday evening? Thanks, Rick
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    Any Well-Recorded Train Documentaries or Films Suitable For a 12 Year Old?

    James, This DVD is pretty cool. The Great Alaska Train Adventure. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/156...s=dvd&v=glance I haven't watched it in a while, so can't remember if the quality is top notch. But as I remember it didn't suck either. If you read all the Amazon reviews most people...
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    "If you could see any band in history..."

    Definitely Hendrix.. but I would add Stevie Ray Vaughan at any Austin TX nightclub before he exploded on the national scene. That would have been unbelievable.
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    ML Baseball 2005 discussion thread

    OK, I stand corrected. But I don't think it's necessarily a bad rule for the aforementioned reasons. I too would have liked the Red Sox to have a chance at home field advantage throughout the playoffs, but I wouldn't have liked them to have a playoff game just for that purpose with no day off...
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    ML Baseball 2005 discussion thread

    The Yankees don't even have home field advantage the first round of the play-offs even though they won their division. If it's so important for teams to get home field advantage, why didn't the Yankeees start Mussina instead of Wright to make that attempt? They wanted to rest up! The bottom...
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    ML Baseball 2005 discussion thread

    The reason for the Red Sox and Yankees for not having a 1 game playoff is because they both have made the post season. You only have a playoff game if an actual playoff berth is at stake, not a seeding issue for home field advantage. Do you really think that the Red Sox and Yankees would 1...
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    What is the STRANGEST thing you've seen people do while they are driving?

    I was in LA on Melrose Ave. with some friends and we saw a guy pleasuring himself while driving. It's something I wish I could forget but this thread revived that painful memory.
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    ML Baseball 2005 discussion thread

    When it isn't just a little over a month into the season and they make the playoffs and then do fairly well in the playoffs. Then I'll give them their due and not call it a phase. It's too early in the season to say if they're the real deal or not based on their performance over the last few...
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    ML Baseball 2005 discussion thread

    I think everybody's forgetting something obvious about Derek Lowe. I've been a big fan of his for year's. I'm also a big RedSox fan. But as any Red Sox fan Knows, we never knew what Derek lowe was coming to the mound that night. The guy with the awesome breaking stuff and somewhat cool demeanor...