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    Clara Harris gets 20 years in Mercedes murder.

    I have to assume this is subtle humour since no one could be this deluded: "Am I the only one who thinks the punishment doesn't fit the crime here? Come on, she killed a cheating husband, how many time has that happened in history? She is not a murderer that needs to be isolated! I'm...
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    Paramount finally supporting DTS!!!

    They also now support P&S discs so screw them.
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    Eye see you.... picked it up today.

    A nice, laid-back slash film. Not quite on the level of "Friday the 13th" but enough people were killed in enough ways to qualify. BTW, I thought Dina Meyer (for the 3 minutes she lived) look like Sharon Stone!
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    Female Celebrity (Ultra)- Tournament V. 03 !!!

    Check out the cheap DVD "Kill Cruise" if you want to see Hurley without clothing. I think the movie was done around 12 years ago.
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    Are people renting DVDs?

    I rent all the time. There are few movies I'd want to watch over again and so I buy about 4 discs a month.
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    Bizarre wide screen lawsuit

    How about simply bringing lawsuits against movie companies that intentionally put out bad movies? You could nail them on acting, script quality, cheap, unconvicing special effects; A whole range of things. Imagine how much money we've all wasted going to bad movies that we didn't know...
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    Sony 4ES power rating

    The engineering spec is for full power from one channel and 1/8th from the rest. According to Sony.
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    5.1 Receiver for $300 CND

    Rather than buy a newer model, you might consider something used. If you check the trade in sections of specialty electronics stores (as opposed to Future Shop,etc) you might find something at a considerably lower price than new. Most people keep their equipment in good condition who deal...
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    Sony 4ES power rating

    So, according to Sound and Vision and Sony, the power rating on this receiver is only something like 120watts, then six channels of around 20 watts each. This is no surprise and I think other mfgs' should come out and admit their receivers only produce a fraction of their so called WPC when...
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    Interesting comment on the Sony DA4ES in the latest S&V

    It's not the continuous power needs that is the problem. Most of the time, that does not go very high. What does are transients that demand huge power increases immediately. This is where most receivers fall flat compared to separate power amps. And how can they not? We aren't likely to put...
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    Anthem AVM-20 in Toronto Area

    Try Bracks. They offered me the best price I'd seen on a Rotel 1066 and they carry the Anthem.
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    Center channel ebay special legit??

    Why not just avoid it and look for an ad that you can tell is legitimate? Besides, in the scheme of things, who buys many Japanese speakers anyway when there are so many excellent American and Canadian brands?
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    RCA HDTV with Sat and Tuner?

    I've had a 35" RCA for about 7 years, no problems. A neighbour has the same one (10 years) no problems. Unless someone has some actual statistics about RCA reliability, it's simply a case of a buyer who got a raw deal telling from between 11-26 other people about it, because that's what...
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    Aw, Bigfoot died, boo hoo for the believers

    The capacity for humans to extrapolate the extroidinary from the ordinary is momumental. Giant squids become huge, ship-eating sea monsters, gorillas were considered by the Romans to be a new species of man. When you find the actual skeleton and date it to the last 20 years, then maybe...
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    Sony quality dropping fast?

    First, I hear about a flaw in their televisions they can't correct because it would mean incorporating technology from a non-Sony company. Then, no appearance of the TA-E10ES that was to replace the old TA-E9000ES. Now, the 4ES receiver seems to be a major cost cutting effort compared to the...