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    Win an Onkyo TX-NR1030 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AV Receiver (Redux)

    This Onkyo receiver sure would be an upgrade to my old Yamaha receiver which no longer has a volume knob and is covered in jelly and cookie crumbs! Four kids will do that every time Would certainly give me the incentive to get back into the home theater addiction! Good luck everyone!
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    What happened to movies?

    What happened to movies?
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    How to update e mail address

    How to update e mail address
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    PS3 Death

    Sorry Aaron, 20 GB. I will give that a try I guess and see what happens.
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    PS3 Death

    After many years of gaming pleasure my FIRST generation 13 Gig PS3 finally gave it up last night. I tried to power it up and all I got was a flashing yellow light and it would not turn on. Other than swapping out the hard drive for a 250 Gig unit I've never done anything to it. Does anyone...
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    Tribute to Brunettes

    I wonder why...../img/vbsmilies/htf/biggrin.gif
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    I thought it was us Canadians that lived in igloos. I'm in the Hamilton Ontario area and we have almost nothing! We've had a few pretty cold days but overall it's been darn mild this year. Any other Canadians want to chime in?
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    Unfortunately, I can't even understand what you just said. .
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    Lindsay Lohan

    You know the old saying, "beaten with an ugly stick? Well this girl ran though the whole forest! What a mess!
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    Corrupt Data.....On my PS3?

    Hmmm. It seems from the low number of replies that this problem does not affect all PS3 owners... I wonder if this a "Launch Machine" problem that the first generation systems had that may have been fixed for later versions. Perhaps an e-mail to Sony may help? And Keith, I get this problem...
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    Corrupt Data.....On my PS3?

    They are just regular jpeg files. Like I said, this doesn't affect all the pictures. Just some of them for some reason.
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    Corrupt Data.....On my PS3?

    I've had this problem with my PS3 now for a while and I've finally got around to trying to find out why this is happening. I use my PS3 to view pictures that are on the HD of my PC. My problem is that though I can see them on my PC just fine, I get a "Corrupt Data" notice on my PS3. These...
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    PS3+HD Camcorder+PC=Friends?

    Thanks again for all of your replies. I think I've decided to go with the Sony HDRSR10 as the hard drive recorder seems to be the way things are going. I was thinking though about adding another hard drive to my existing computer and streaming it over to my PS3 when I wanted to watch it. I guess...
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    PS3+HD Camcorder+PC=Friends?

    Thanks for all of your messages. I'm really glad this seems to be a viable way of getting my recordings to my PS3. I only have a couple of small concerns. 1) I've had really bad luck with external hard drives in the past. I've owned two so far and both have failed on me causing me to lose all...
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    PS3+HD Camcorder+PC=Friends?

    Thanks for getting back to me Zack! So I hope I'm understanding you here. You are saying I could connect the hard drive directly to my PS3, by-passing the computer completely? What about if I want to edit some part of the recording? Also, are you saying that I would not need to buy actual...