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    John Wick HDX & iTunes

    I’ll take the itunes copy if it’s still available. Thanks
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    X-Men Days of Future Past Digital HD code

    No longer Available. Thank you
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    X-Men Days of Future Past Digital HD code

    X-Men Days of Future Past Digital HD code I received this code but it will not allow me to redeem here in Canada. Redeems through FoxRedeem.com Itunes or UV, Digital HD Code only So, if anyone in the USA is looking for this, $5.00 USD using paypal. F&F would be appreciated pm if interested...
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    2014 - 2015 NHL Discussion Thread

    I heard that they are going to go after Reimer, simply because they assume the Vancouver fans will have turned on Miller by then :P
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    Does anyone actually use Passbook?

    I have a few things in my passbook. The most used would be my Starbucks card. I have hotel membership cards and a movie reward card as well. I thought at first I would never use it but surprisingly I do use it. I’ll have to look into Apple Pay.
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    Transformers Age of Extinction Contest: Win a signed copy!

    Optimus Prime! Starscream from the cartoons was a close 2nd.
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    Home Theatre Beginner from Canada

    Welcome fellas. Good to see other Canucks on the forum.
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    Would you be buying the 12.9" iPad that's rumoured for next March?

    Unlikely. I think the current 10” is just right. However, as Sam says, never say never. I’ll look at them, see how they feel. Then, who knows? The 13” may blow me away.My iPad 2 is getting a little long in the tooth and will be buying a new one soon and giving the current one to my niece. I can...
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    What's cooking?

    lol, same here :)