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    Hellboy Director's Cut....

    Yep. I was disappointed after it looked like it had been removed from the specs so it was a nice surprise to find it on there.
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    Hellboy Director's Cut....

    Region 1. Those specs on Columbias website are definately wrong. You didn't think they'd let you just buy the one release to get everything did you?:)
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    Hellboy Director's Cut....

    I got my copy on Saturday and the specs going around are wrong. The new version is missing the Del Toro/Mingola commentary, the cast commentary(now on Disc 3) and the Gerald McBoing Boing cartoons from Disc 1 and has replaced them with the new commentary and an isolated score in 5.1. The Right...
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    New EXORCIST III DVD on the horizon

    Excellent news! I've always liked Exorcist III despite the tacked on exorcism. About ten years ago I remember reading a Fangoria article about the original cut and it sounded much better. Now if only Morgan Creek would get Clive Barker involved in a director's cut of Nightbreed.
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    Request for dvds with "trivia subtitle track"

    Die Another Day
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    Soderbergh's Documentary not on Solaris DVD?

    If Soderbergh is going to release his original cut later on maybe he's held the documentary back to include on that. I'm guessing thats why there's no deleted scenes on this release as well.
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    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

    Warners have confirmed a release date for Azkaban. From Dark Horizons:
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    Fargo: Special Edition on 9/30

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    New "Doolittle" CD--worth an upgrade?

    According to this Pitchfork story, these are pretty much the same old releases. 4AD's contract with Elektra has ran out so they're just releasing them on their own label. Still I'm looking forward to that DVD in September!
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    Just saw Alien 3...

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    Just saw Alien 3...

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    Cool Album Covers

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    In The Aeroplane Over the Sea

    Another big Jeff Mangum/Neutral Milk Hotel fan here. In The Aeroplane Over The Sea is easily one of the best albums of the '90s.
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    Schizopolis on DVD(please?)

    Blackstar says the R2 verion is anamorphic. See here: Schizopolis. I might have to pick this up next week to tide myself over until the Criterion version appears.