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    FS: Definitive Technology Bipolar Rears BP2

    Aaaaaaarrrgh! I just bought a new pair of these 3 weeks ago - I'd have done anything to get a pair at this price (I'm guessing they're BP2x's, although you just put "BP2" in the ad.) I'd still like to get 1 more for a center rear - but they are only sold in pairs. Anybody want to split a...
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    FS: Infinity Reference 2000.3 speakers

    ^ Still Available ^
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    FS: Infinity Reference 2000.3 speakers

    ^ Added speaker stands!
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    FS: Infinity Reference 2000.3 speakers

    Infinity Reference 2000.3 Speakers Great sounding pair of black bookshelf speakers. I've been using these as the surrounds in my HT setup (so they've never been played loudly or abused.) Cabinets, grills & drivers are all in like new condition. Specs: Freq. Range: 40 ~ 20000 Hz...
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    Circle Jig

    I've seen them at Sears too.
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    Sample "multiple response" poll: What Theater Snacks do you prefer?

    Raisinettes and Jr. Mints and/or Dots! Gotta have that chocolate!
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    Energy RVSS surround speakers for sale.

    Hi Robert, YGM! Reid
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    FS: Sony STR-DE915 A/V Receiver

    Sale fell through; still available... ------------------
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    What do you think of Ultimate Electronics?

    I have to agree with Randy_M. Ultimate Electronics operates in Colorado as Soundtrack. They have about a dozen stores. Operating terms sound just about identical. Salesmen are on commission and won't offer the lowest price they can unless you push them to look in their computer for "lowest...
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    WTB: Cheap home stereo receiver

    Jack, I might have just the thing for you - see this post: FS: Sony STR-DE915 A/V Receiver Reid ------------------
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    FS: Sony STR-DE915 A/V Receiver

    The STR-DE915 was Sony's top-of-the line FM-AM Stereo/Home Theater Receiver in 1998. This was their most powerful and full-featured unit before DTS decoding was included in receivers. The Dolby Digital 5.1 and Pro Logic decoders are incredible. This would make a great starter or second system...
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    WTB Portable DVD Player

    From the Crutchfield description of the above mentioned panasonic: no built-in screen or speakers so this would be useless on an airplane (or anywhere else you didn't have a video monitor to plug into it.) RT ------------------
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    Sony Wega KV36-FS13 under $1000! Should I take it?

    Sony apparently got the hint - the web site referenced in the 3rd post above now shows the list price as $1299.99 I guess I need to start reading these posts every day! -- Reid ------------------