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    Sony Xplod Sub + AMP question

    you are usually better overpowering a little bit than underpowering, as long as you have everything setup properly, especially since subs usually have a really high max. I know for me Iam running two 12' subs that run at 350 RMS and I have an 800W amp and I was only able to blow them once when I...
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    shopping for an hdtv, but need some serious help

    Here is a few things I guess you should know 1. size of the tv isnt an issue, iam building an entertainment system for it so width and such does not matter, and I dont care if it is a CRT the extra size and weight doesnt matter. 2. the tv will be used solely for gaming, mainly right now with...
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    Looking for a new HDTV

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    Looking for a new HDTV

    Also it will be used for a lot of gaming also, not sure if burning from games is still an issue or not but figured I would mention it.
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    Looking for a new HDTV

    With my new job I find out I get all tvs at cost through visions, and with that being said iam considering upgrading my tv. However I have no idea what features to look for, and just general things that are important to look for. I want widescreen, and I want HDTV that is all I know. The size...
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    Need some new headphones

    I just recieved 300$ as a grad gift, and iam thinking of spending 100$ of it on a nice pair of noise cancelling headphones since I will be taking public transit to and from university everyday next year. Is this a reasonable budget or should I think of spending a little bit more? Also I really...
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    Just bought a new MP3 player now I need headphones

    okay so Im down to either the koss old school ones mentioned by nick (going to take closer look right away),and the sennheiser px-200s. Can anyone tell me if the sennheisers are worth the extra green? (will be a little over 100$ canadian i think with all the shipping)
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    Just bought a new MP3 player now I need headphones

    or perhaps the RP-HC50 they are the same price and everything but are ear buds. Which do you think will have a better sound and will it improve on the headphones I have already?
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    Just bought a new MP3 player now I need headphones

    I was kind of thinking of the panasonic RP-HC70 are these any good? Right now I have the sony ear clip ones but those get crackly at low frequencys will these peform better than that? I like the noise cancelling since Iam on the bus 5 days a week and it is nice to cancel all that outside noise.
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    is this a problem (possible serious)

    Okay well see I was using my mp3 player and i figured to save battery on that i can have it output low and then just turn up the reciever to compensate apparently that was dumb lol So how can I tell if they are damaged or not?
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    is this a problem (possible serious)

    When I have the volume turned up (near max) all my speakers start getting this static like sound, and it is really annoying inbetween songs so just wondering is something wrong with the reciever or is this normal?
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    Need some help

    Currently Iam using a nomad zen xtra for my portable music but on some fast songs or low bass songs I get a crackling sound and have been told these are the headphones fault (im using the style sony ones that are pretty cheap) now Im asking you guys what is a good pair of headphones I can get...
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    xmen 2 question

    Just wondering is this one also THX certified? I just want to pick up a movie that has this to help fine tune my reciever and such. Thanks in advance
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    Mp3 player question

    the iriver uses a different battery but i was wondering is it possible to change the irivers battery? Like I know you can with the ipod, even though iriver claims it is good for 6 years companies tend to stretch that a little, and I really dont like the idea of a 500$ (canadian) disposable mp3...
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    is this site reliable?

    So bill are you saying this iriver might be refurbished? Or are you saying the products that are refurbs suck? Because in its description it says nothing about being refurbished