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    You ONLY listened to the dub track? That's it, I'm not paying attention to anymore of your "reviews". I'll be importing this and saying a huge FUCK YOU MIRAMAXE. Hopefully a Blu-ray released in Hong Kong will actually have the original MANDARIN track in lossless audio instead of the damn...
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    WHV Announce: The Green Berets (Blu-ray)

    I'll say it again, I'm not much of a fan of John Wayne and I'm highly disappointed that ANOTHER Wayne film is out on Blu-ray instead of Warners older catalog titles. And they also released Catwoman. Why not Singin' in the Rain, The Maltese Falcon, Captain Blood, The Sea Hawk, The Treasure of the...
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    WHV Announce: The Green Berets (Blu-ray)

    Do John Waynes characters ever die in any of his movies? If so, can someone send me a PM as to what they are? Warner Brothers has far too many of John Waynes movies on Blu-ray anyway. Why not another Humphrey Bogart? Yes, yes, John Wayne is the greatest actor EVER in the multi-verse... This is...
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    'Leon, the Professional', in BD, Nov 17...

    I most certainly hope Léon will contain the isolated score in lossless audio. The 133m Version Integrale Cut is the version I VASTLY prefer instead of the inferior 110m cut. That, and I'm fans of Jean Reno, Gary Oldman and even Natalie Portman. Let's not forget Danny Aiello either...
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    Official Digital Copy Trade Offers/Requests thread!

    If I ever get any of these Digital Copy things, I'll sell the disc and code to anyone, except automatically Utah, for $5 each. Soon as I get them, if I get them in the future, I'll list them in the FS Software part of the forum.
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    What Blu-ray discs do you consider as "Reference Video Quality"

    I consider GHOSTBUSTERS to be reference material on ze Blu-ray. Hopefully GHOSTBUSTERS 2 will be also.
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    Gladiator Blu-ray - release date 09/01/2009 - Read before buying!

    Originally Posted by Dave Moritz [url=/forum/thread/292119/gladiator-blu-ray-release-date-09-01-2009-read-before-buying/90#post_3603363]
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    Pre-90's Catalog Titles on Blu-ray disc - A non-USA alternately comprehensive list.

    Originally Posted by Jesse Blacklow [url=/forum/thread/292440/pre-90-s-catalog-titles-on-blu-ray-disc-a-non-usa-alternately-comprehensive-list#post_3603291]
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    Pre-90's Catalog Titles on Blu-ray disc - A non-USA alternately comprehensive list.

    I was just goofing around Mr. Epstein. If you'd like me to edit my post to be more suitable for goofing around just tell me. I'd still like for the members who're not from the USA or Canada to help chime in on this thread. Including those who import. Do you also import Mr. Epstein? Get freaked...
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    The Hindenburg - What a sad, sad, sad transfer! Any chance for a 35th Anniv. 2010

    Thanks Simon! I figure I'll order it with a couple UK Blu-ray titles, ones without regional coding onnit. I've been attempting to hunt down the Sanctuary Special Edition DVD of THE BOUNTY for a few years now. Nobody seems to carry it in stock and it's been drving me nuts not owning it. I'm just...
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    Ghostbusters II info?

    What could be possible and actually very cool, is to release both GHOSTBUSTERS and GHOSTBUSTERS 2 in individual GREEN Blu-ray cases to emulate green slime. Even be nice if 2 actually got the same amount of special features 1 has.
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    Pre-90's Catalog Titles on Blu-ray disc - A non-USA alternately comprehensive list.

    Well fook this shite! I'm adding more titles to the list and NOBODY CAN STOP ME!
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    What happened to 1492:Conquest of Paradise DVD?

    It's a South Korean release, $2.70 doesn't bother me but I'd much rather have a multi-disc set on DVD/Blu-ray.
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    Gladiator Blu-ray - release date 09/01/2009 - Read before buying!

    Man, I jumped on buying both BRAVEHEART and GLADIATOR from Best Buy for $17.99 each. Personally I consider myself more obligated to inform Paramount/Universal/DreamWorks about this fiasco since I did purchase this title fully knowing about the PQ fiasco. Guess it gives me more leverage as a...
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    Criterion Blu-ray titles!

    Would it be wrong to assume Criterion would release Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas onto Blu-ray disc? I'm considering they have high chances they would release it in the future along with a wave of other titles. Perhaps Brazil, Charade and a few others?