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    JU DOU (China, 1990) - Beautiful movie, now available from Imprint, but as part of an 8-film box set

    I bought the set as well, all blind buys except for The Curse of the Golden Flower. Been meaning to watch these films since the early 2000s, but most were only available on poor quality DVDs.
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    Kino-Lorber Insider Announcement Thread (Read Guidelines Post #3)

    Hoping for Blue Velvet on 4K, but Kino's previous experience with David Lynch might turn them off. :)
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    Press Release SPHE Press Release: Columbia Classics Ultra 4K HD Collection Volume 2

    Cool news. I guess we could all argue the merits of these films. Personally, I think Stripes and The Social Network should've been released separately and more "classic" movies (either in terms of quality or vintage) been included in their place. Still, it's a must own set. I'd rank these movies...
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    What are the chances of The Wild Bunch on 4K disc?

    I wouldn't hold out much hope for this one. WB has been very slow with their deep catalog 4K output. I think they've released maybe 3-4 pre-80's titles on the format so far?
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    UHD Review A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Good, the Bad and the Ugly-- in 4k UHD Blu-ray

    A Fistful of Dollars has a really solid 2007 restoration by Ripley's FIlm that's available in Italy and Germany. I own the German release that was a two-pack with For a Few Dollars More (which uses the MGM transfer). I don't recall if it's Region locked though. The Kino disc is from a newer...
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    UHD Review A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Good, the Bad and the Ugly-- in 4k UHD Blu-ray

    In T2's case, I think the bigger fault is with StudioCanal which owns the rights and does the transfers. And Cameron is probably to blame as well. As for TGTB&TU, I'll be picking this up. If I recall correctly, the Kino Blu-ray release had an issue with raised blacks. Seems they went the...
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    UHD Review The Shining (1980) UHD Review

    The Hollywood Reporter has a nice piece on actress Shelley Duvall today. She retired from acting in the 90s and sort of disappeared before popping up in a rather alarming appearance on Dr. Phil a few years back. Good to see she seems to be doing well...
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    Best film restoration companies?

    Much of Lowry's work on the Bond movies was done in the mid '00s and I fear they don't hold up all that well. Their software can lead to a lot of distracting artifacts I noticed when viewing the Connery films in 4K via iTunes a few months back.
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    Best film restoration companies?

    It seems companies like Criterion and Arrow use the term "restoration" to refer to the scanning, clean-up, and making of a new video master, "mastering" to refer to the encoding/compression of said master to a format/size compatible to Blu-ray/4K UHD disc, and "authoring" to refer to the act of...
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    Best film restoration companies?

    On both Dawn of the Dead and King of New York, the opposite page list Production Credits. Fidelity in Motion (David Mackenzie) did the encoding on both. They're credited as Mastering. They usually handle the better reviewed stuff for Arrow and Studio Canal.
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    DVD Profiler 4.0.0 is out.

    I have spent A LOT of time with DVD Profiler and it's a program I use almost daily to organize, sort and catalog my collection. Hell, I wonder if I would own so many Blu-rays/4K discs if it wasn't for DVD Profiler. Cataloging is a major part of collecting.
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    Best film restoration companies?

    The Elephant Man's restoration was done by L’Immagine Ritrovata. Fidelity in Motion is an authoring/encoding company and they're among the best in the business from what I've gathered. They handled the encoding for StudioCanal's 4K disc. I've actually read some bad things regarding the...
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    Warner Archive Announcements Thread

    Sad news. Hopefully all those who lost their positions will land on their feet. George Feltenstein has long been a hero of home entertainment industry.
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    Warner Archive Press Release: The Curse of Frankenstein (1957) (Blu-ray)

    Great news! I've never been a huge horror guy, but was digging a little deeper last month. Started watching some of the Dracula movies and got me looking for a good release of this one. I actually almost ordered the UK disc of this movie last night, but was deterred by Amazon UK's current high...
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    A Few Words About A few words about…™ V for Vendetta – in 4k UHD Blu-ray

    Watched this last night (or earlier) and thought this disc looked great! I really like this movie but hadn't watched it in 11 years! Well, I think it holds up very well and is even more relevant today. I'm hoping Speed Racer is next. :)