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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Oliver! -- in Blu-ray

    I'm considering buying the UK version. Is the booklet that comes with TT's version worth the almost $20 more I'd have to spend?
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    Blu-ray Review Buster Keaton Collection Blu-ray review

    Does the Blu-Ray set have all the contents from the "Keaton Plus" disc in the Kino DVD box set?
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    DVD Review HTF DVD Review: Ratatouille

    I'm sure it will be on sale at Thanksgiving or something. I'll pick it up eventually for about $10. The movie was good but if it doesn't have any extras I'm weary of paying over $10 for it.
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    Holy Smokes - November Criterion!

    They're still windowboxing their transfers? SIGH...
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    Hitchcock Coming from Mill Creek September 25th

    Putting aside the talk of rights for a moment, how are these films? Are they more of historical interest because they were directed by Hitchcock or are they also good films? And can a film be PD in one country and not PD in another?
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    HTF REVIEW: Blades of Glory

    I liked Blades of Glory. I liked it better than Talledega Nights, which had funny moments here and there but was a bloated film. But there is an obvious formula to these films. Cocky (insert profession here) becomes washed up (or is already washed up) and must come back to fame. He needs to stop...
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    Larry Sanders Season 1 - Again?

    I just picked up season 1 and, like many others, are dismayed at the video quality. The pilot looks the worst, but the other episodes are still not as good as they should be. Ideally Columbia Tristar would go back to the original film and video elements, but I don't see that happening :frowning:
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    DVD Review HTF REVIEW - Hot Fuzz - Highly Recommended

    I'm surprised Universal didn't release a fuller SE of Shaun of the Dead to coincide with the theatrical release of Hot Fuzz.
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    Commando Director's Cut coming in September!

    Hell yeah! This movie is awesome.
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    Pan's Labyrinth

    I'm glad I bought this DVD. What a GREAT movie. I haven't seen anything like it. I only wish I hadn't missed it in the theaters. I had two problems with the video transfer, though. 1) Blacks were not quite black throughout the entire film. I don't know if it was intentional, but it looked...
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    Worse Audio and Equivocal Video Quality for Leon The Professional" Review on DVD Talk

    I got the Superbit Leon ($4.99 at Fry's a few of weeks ago) and yeah, the picture quality is dull. Are the audio and video improved on the 2-disc special edition?
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    Interesting digital preservation article

    How can this film be played back?
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    Commercials that just irritate you....

    Jason, I'm with you on that commercial (and on ear buds). Plus, he's listening to Fall Out Boy (blecch).
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    LCD Monitors for Video Editing, DVD Watching?

    What are some good widescreen LCD monitors to use for video editing and manipulation as well as watching DVDs? The Apple cinema displays seem to be pretty good, but is there anything comparable for a lower price?
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    pubwic wadio

    I haven't noticed that Ira Glass turns r's and l's into w's, but I'll have to listen for it. Daniel Shore's speech is weird to me. Its hard to explain what exactly it is that seems off.