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    Panasonic RP82--One Player to Rule Them All!

    Thanks for clearing that up Don.
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    Panasonic rp82 ???? in stock ???? who ??????

    I cant find this anywhere online instock.......
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    Panasonic RP82--One Player to Rule Them All!

    is there truth to that review posted on the interlace mode ? http://www.hometheatersound.com/equi...c_dvdrp82s.htm I hear some of you say its nice but the review says its awful. im looking to upgrade for dvd-ram compatibility with my dmr-e30 and in the near future upgrade my tv for...
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    Need Help Selecting Low-end HT Speakers

    I buy so many electronics and gadgets its sickening. not once have I ever bought something and needed a warranty. maybe im lucky but i dont find it a big deal and worth the savings as the chances are pretty slim you ever use the warranty..... in my experience.
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    Need Help Selecting Low-end HT Speakers

    I bought mine off ebay last year for $220 shipped with a really nice surge protector.
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    Need Help Selecting Low-end HT Speakers

    I own the nsp-1's and they are very nice sounding. as stated already I looked around and they cant be beat for around $200 for all 5 speakers!
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    Receiver recommendations?

    the onkyo sr-500 can be be had for $300 at cc. very good reciever!
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    An absolute beginner

    well for what it sounds like he is looking for a HTIB is not a wise investment for someone who can afford a better system. I bought a JVC HTIB and was extremely disappointed although at first I thought it was decent. but my ears learned. so I thought the reciever would be fine and instead...
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    An absolute beginner

    lets hope I dont step on any feet as I seem to have before...... Rob: you say you dont want to exceed $2500, thats a great starting point if thats what you have to spend. I dont agree with advice of a HTIB as you obviously have cash to spend on something above average. when I started...
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    Onkyo SR600 vs Pioneer D811

    its funny the different things you hear. I heard my particular reciever actually tested rated higher than it was from 55watts to 67watts. you never know th source, so many different things you hear on this forum. take it with a grain of salt. also I never heard Onkyo over rating like...
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    Onkyo SR600 vs Pioneer D811

    I have used both the Onkyo and Pioneer.... alo JVC. the onkyo will sound way better, although I do like Pioneer but you can find the onkyo cheaper if you look around. video switching, I have many connections on my 494 and never use them. I hook my LD and dvd player directly to my tv. why...
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    The poor mans reciver. Do tell what it is. Any and all opinions wanted

    it all comes down to sound..... Yamaha, h/K and onkyo are your BEST bets. Pioneer , JVC and anything else on that line is pure junk. but if I had to choose it would be pioneer. pioneer is ok for the price but still you can find deals in an onkyo or yamaha for the same price as a pioneer...
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    Cheaper than Etronics.com

    ebay is good. last year I bought my nsp-1 set (4 surrounds and a center) for $210.00 shipped and a really nice/free surge protector! I got my pb-12 sub for $220.00 shipped nsp-1 set for $160 would be nice!
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    My Grado SR-60's are extremely fatiguing...

    im way out of my leauge here but..... I have been looking to upgrade my headphones as I never had a really nice set. been looking at grados and senns, but everytime I hear a review both have + & - now for years I have had a set of Koss td/70 digital headphones which in my opinion always...