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    Any difference between the Canadian and US Version of the Ultimate Box Set?
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    Abbott & Costello Vol. 3, Halloween, Marx Brothers and W.C. Fields Titles COMING

    Bob: Great info on the A&C box & on A&C in general. Keep up the great work! Is your A&C book coming back in print anytime soon? Also, I know this has been asked ad nauseum, but does anyone have any clue as to when the Bowery Boys are coming to dvd?
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    The Wire: Season Five (see post #1 re: SPOILERS)

    Great finale. I think having this show available 'on demand' 6 days in advance hurt the ratings and ultimately killed the show. I assume Marlo killed tha guy on the corner because he was dissed and/or he still wanted in on the game? Correct me if I'm wrong.
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    LOTS of Rush DVD's coming soon...

    I hope Geddy Lee's voice isnt speeded up on these selections like they are on all their cds.
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    Worst DVD covers!

    The MASH TV Series Covers are pretty awful.
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    Is "The Fall Guy" coming to DVD?

    Holy Crap! Fall Guy goes back 25 years??? Time really flies.
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    Reasons for Enterprise Cancellation

    Seemed to me that Bakula phoned this one in ...
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    Oliver Stone's Alexander August 2

    At what time marker does Rosario show her lovely self in the Director's Cut? Want to cut right to the chase.
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    The Cosby Show - Season 1 Announced

    syndication prints = studio laziness. unfortunately, 98% of the people buying this could care less if its uncut.
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    Reasons for Enterprise Cancellation

    The show got cancelled because it stunk and nobody watched it.
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    Hill St. Blues DVD "Coming Soon"!

    Hill Street and White Shadow!!!! Too bad Bruce Paltrow passed away. His views on the White Shadow would have been very welcome.
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    More Night Court??

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    Carlito's Way Ultimate Edition 09/20/05

    I'm waiting till 2008 when Universal releases 'The Really Truly Ultimate Carlito's Way ... We Promise That's The Last Version' version.
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    The Cosby Show - Season 1 Announced

    What's most dissapointing is they cut out the Lisa Bonet nude scene from the syndicated version ... Oops, that was 'Angel Heart'.
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    The Taking Of Pelham 1-2-3, anamorphic?

    Edward James Olmos was in a TV remake a few years ago. Not bad, but no comparison to the Matthau original.