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    Mad About You Season 3

    NBC and Col/tri already burnt out the show by letting it go on 3 seasons too long. Consumers remember the show by the more recent bad episodes, instead of the clever, earlier ones. I see "Just Shoot Me" and "Drew Carey" suffering from the same fate, and to a lesser extent "Roseanne" and...
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    New Article on Music Clearances

    With aggressive sale pricing, it only comes down to a few dollars in the end. Freaks and Geeks's list price was $70, but the set could be had for $45 (circuit city price). With popular shows like Friends for $30 or Alias for $40, F&G isn't that hard on the wallet. I wish Shout factory many...
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    FRAGGLE ROCK being released in the u.k.

    the trash heap has spoken. nyaaaaah!
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    Can you ID this episode from my vague childhood memories?

    Ok, now can anyone place this episode of TwiZone/ Outer Limits/ other: A man strikes a deal for escape with the coroner of the prison. The arrangement is that when the bell rings, someone has died and the escapee is to climb in the casket with the corpse, and will be dug up once the body is...
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    Warner Bros. Friends Season DVD's

    It was only 20 minutes, filling out the hour of a "super sized" episode. It was also in season seven.
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    Will and Grace- dark!

    Sounds like "garbage in, garbage out" on the part of your local affiliate or cable company.
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    'Kramer' in On Seinfeld Extras

    The actors should just ask for a bigger flat fee, because the studio will always find a way to 'cook the books' and make even the most popular releases appear 'barely profitable'. Any word on the commentaries for "The Michael Richards Show (all 10 episodes)", "Bob Patterson (all 10 episodes)"...
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    Any 'in hand' reviews of "The Critic" and "Dilbert" yet???

    Futurama changed a mention of "JFK jr Airport" after his plane crash/ death. Family Guy dropped a Osama Bin Laden comment in an airport/ metal detector scene. Also, Sex and the City season 2 changed a JFK jr reference to "Leonardo DiCaprio". .... made... no... sense.... Leo is L.A., and...
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    "Knife In the Water" Crippled DVD

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    Need a Border's coupon - where are these found?

    My local borders has STACKS of their holiday sales booklet, all of which contain two 10% off coupons on the back cover.
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    What is up with the Hallmark channel?...

    Just because a channel is airing a show in syndication, it doesn't necessarily mean that they have full control of the number of show airings. I suspect the THC only bought the rights to air Hawaii Five-O once a week, or that they bought only enough episodes--i.e. 40--to cover weekly airings...
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    "Ed" Moving to Friday Night in January

    They should be showing new episodes Wednesdays, and a older rerun (S1/S2/S3) on Fridays! NBC hasn't been keen on ED reruns since season one. They really should be giving new viewers the opportunity to catch old episodes, like WB has done with it's 'unprogrammable' Sunday 7pm slot-- 7th Heaven...
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    A Minute With Stan Hooper ongoing thread

    Dang... I thought the new Norm show would increase the chances of the old Norm show coming out on DVD.
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    Frasier with a Z 11/11/03

    Tuesday is a very competative TV night and Frasier gets lost in NBC's "Night of crap shows" line-up. My guess is that the DVR/VCR savvy crowd here at HTF records the show, but watches it too late to contribute to a time-sensitive thread.
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    DISH Free upgrades - Worth it?

    By switching to Albany locals, you will have to requalify.... this means the possible loss of your L.A. stations. Are Albany stations all that great? I'd rather stick with NYC stations, as they are O&O stations that put network programming first. People in the DC area get turned down for...