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    What Happened To the Classic Shows on DVD?

    Yes, I agree Joseph with everything you say, however sometimes in life you have to take chances in order to succeed. I think the big studios are being too cautious right now. It seems like they have all folded their tents and have gone home. And the dvd market still needs some older shows out...
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    What Happened To the Classic Shows on DVD?

    I would love to see more old crime dramas on dvd but I do believe there is no interest. I do understand that these companies need to turn a profit. I would love to see Marcus Welby, Barnaby Jones, more Mannix, Medical Center and Trapper John. But I guess no such luck. Sigh. Maybe some day we...
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    What Happened To the Classic Shows on DVD?

    So maybe what is happening with the classic shows is what is happening in the dvd market in general and the overall economy. Now it does make sense that Sony and Paramount would merge but I do believe that would mean less output than what Paramount is doing now. And I was hoping Hawaii Five-o...
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    What Happened To the Classic Shows on DVD?

    It seems like Sony, Fox and Warner Brothers have just shut the door on so many wonderful shows that are still in the vaults. I mean, why not finish The Mary Tyler Moore Show and the Bob Newhart Show? Or how about MGM finishing Green Acres or Mr Ed? And how about Sony at least finishing the...
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    Is the classic tv on dvd market being killed off?

    I haven't read any news items in the last four months about any newsworthy releases or anything I would buy with the exception of the Lucy Show. I mean after season 3.2 of Gunsmoke, I doubt we will see any more of that show. Where is the rest of All in the Family, Maude, the Jeffersons, the Mary...
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    Are declining dvd sales extra trouble for tv dvd's?

    Maybe some of the studios are waiting to see where the Blu-ray market goes in the next year or two. I will not upgrade. I am not impressed and I don't believe the studios will pour money into releasing older shows on Blu-ray. I mean, All in the Family was filmed cheaply and will never look...
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    I Dream of Jeannie complete series?

    Does anyone know if the episode on the season three set has been fixed on the new dvd complete set? I believe it was the Here Comes Bootsie Nightingale episode. It had an odd compression defect or something.
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    Has Sony given up on classic TV/DVD?

    I just bought the third season of Barney MIller(that show rules!)Anyway, the packaging was horrible. I thought I was missing two discs because when I opened the case, I only saw one disc. Instead of three plastic hubs, there was only one and all the discs were stacked on top on one another. UGH...
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    How do you approach watching TV series?

    I know this a bit off topic. I am just curious. Do most of you watch your dvds on a single disc dvd player or do most of you own dvd disc changers? I mean if you just have a single disc changer, don't you change dvds constantly? And do you have a large collection of dvds or just average or even...
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    More Night Court??

    I just picked up my copy at my local Walmart. It looks like they sold out. I think this is a good sign. Do you think that Night Court might be the exception to the rule that first seasons sets tend to sell better and things drop off. I think Markie Post Seasons will sell more. Warner Brothers...
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    Gunsmoke: Season 3

    Maybe they could put out two big boxsets, the Chester Years and the Festus Years or something like that. I think that is what they should do with Law and Order too. That way we don't have to wait forever. I am 45 and I will probably die before they put all of Gunsmoke out.
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    Mary Tyler Moore Show Complete Series Set Coming

    Why aren't Bewitched fans up in arms? You know after releasing all eight seasons Sony will be coming out with a complete set with tons of extras not available on the season sets. And probably just in time for Christmas. I do believe that Fox at least has pretty good packaging for complete sets...
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    Where is Mary Tyler Moore Season 5?

    I hope Fox will keep this on the schedule for this year. Season Five and Six are my favorite of the entire show. All the other major studios seem to be putting out more oldies this year except Fox. What gives? According to someone else on this board Bob Newhart Show is off the schedule so will...
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    Good News about Complete Bob Newhart Show (see Post 90)

    I guess Fox doesn't care that this will generate bad press for them. That will cost way more dollars than just releasing the remaining two sets. And the last three sets of the Mary Tyler Moore Show. All the other major companies are releasing oldies right now and doing fine with them. Please...
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    Where is Mary Tyler Moore Season 5?

    I emailed Fox and they stated that there is no release date yet. That is all it said. Do you think it will be June or July before the 5th season is released? I think this show only got better and I can't wait for the last three seasons. I am also waiting for Bob Newhart because my favorite...