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    ABC Prepares to Reboot 'V'

    This thread inspired me to whip out the DVD of the original mini-series. Everytime I watch it I become a wide-eyed 6 year old like I was when I saw it for the first time on tv. Can't wait for the reboot!
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    American Idol - Season 8

    According to Wikipedia (which certainly is faultless) this is the first time Adam has performed last in the finals. Is that true? I know he performed last one night in the semi-finals. Whenever and wherever he performs, he knocks me out. My partner is a professional, classically trained opera...
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    American Idol - Season 8

    Lady Gaga was the only enjoyable part of the results show. She's pretty badass, especially the eye zipper, which I would definitely wear to work if I wouldn't clash with my suit. She is quite amazing and a multi-talented artist. Saw her show at the House of Blues in Boston this week and was...
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    *** Official SEX AND THE CITY Discussion Thread

    I really enjoyed the film and didn't really notice the length. The audience I saw it with in Boston applauded. I think there was a lot of pent up demand for more from these characters. I loved Charlotte's moments in this film, particularly Otherwise a really enjoyable evening at the...
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    Street Release or Leaks?

    This is a tough one. I know Madonna's new album leaked, like most other albums nowadays, and I am trying VERY hard not to listen. I am still one of those guys who loves the experience of going to a record store and holding the physical CD in my hands. It's the combination of the anticipation of...
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    Madonna: Hard Candy

    Me! I can't wait. It's getting a lot of good early buzz. 4 Minutes is not a masterpiece, so I am hoping the rest of the disc delivers.
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    *** Official SEMI-PRO Discussion Thread

    How has no one mentioned Zoolander? "I feel like I'm taking CRAZY PILLS!!!" :laugh: Still his best role, rivaled only by Ron Burgandy in Anchorman.
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    30 Rock - Season 2

    :P I knows what I hears.
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    30 Rock - Season 2

    Weird. The SD feed I watched was left totally uncensored, which I found quite shocking.
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    30 Rock - Season 2

    Not for the airing I saw on the East Coast. I was taken aback that they aired uncensored, then surprised to see that they had been bleeped later on. Maybe NBC got calls about it after the original East Coast airing and bleeped it for the subsequent airings.
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    30 Rock - Season 2

    Anyone notice some new censorship in the repeat that aired last night? It was the ep with Carrie Fisher. Fisher's character used a couple of racial slurs that aired uncensored in the original broadcast but were bleeped last night.
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    2007 MLB Playoffs (Predictions and Discussion)

    I had the distinct pleasure of being at Fenway for Game 1. BEST. GAME. EVER! What a great way to kick it off. Bringing Gange in usually gives me an ulcer, but with the 12-run lead, that move was sure not to have much of a negative effect on the game. He pitched surprisingly well. Oh...
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    Ugly Betty: Season 2 Discussion Thread

    Uneven episode with a brilliant ending. Is Illeana Douglas' character a permanent addition? She really grated on me for some reason and seems superfluous. Hope the character doesn't return.
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    2007 MTV VMAs

    Wow.....Britney Spears. Holy cow, that was bad. I actually like the new track, Gimme More, and have always liked Brit, but this was unwatchable. She was either distracted, uninterested, nervous or drunk. She was totally detached from the performance, made no effort to make her lip-syncing...
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    30 Rock Season 1 audio problem?

    The episode on Disc 1 entitled Jack Meets Dennis, I noticed some audio problems during the opening scene in Rockefeller Plaza. The dialogue is drowned out by the music and also seems out of sync. Anyone else notice this?