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    Pre-Order Mission: Impossible: The Original TV Series (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    ...and don't forget Martin Landau as Rollin Hand in another one of his unforgettable make up jobs as my avatar will attest to.
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    Pre-Order Mission: Impossible: The Original TV Series (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Good morning Mr. Briggs..or is it Mr. Phelps today? You're looking at a picture of Kim Jong un, the leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, otherwise known as North Korea. Kim Jong un is the latest in a family dynasty that has ruled this nation with an iron fist, depriving the...
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    Video 8 Tapes to Digital USB Conversion

    Does anybody know what is the best way to convert Video 8 tapes to digital USB without bringing it to a professional? Thanks.
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    Time Tunnel on Blu

    Thanks. I have the Sony 4K UBP-X800 blu ray player which should upgrade these discs somewhat to appear even more pristine.
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    Time Tunnel on Blu

    Is it a certainty that this blu ray release of The Time Tunnel will play on all North American blu ray players? I'm holding off my purchase until I am sure.
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    Pre-Order The Outer Limits: Season One (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    About time. "It's good to cherish old is always on the edge of being lost."
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    The Outer Limits is turning 50....

    Now that a blu ray release for LIS has been set for Sept 2015, it's high time the Original Outer Limits was given the same treatment. I would venture to say if LIS sales do well, and I'm certain they will, the same people will,in all likelihood, purchase The Outer Limits in HD as well.
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    2014 - 2015 NHL Discussion Thread

    Boston Bruins eliminated from postseason contention:
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    Reaching from the inner mind to The Outer Limits

    Reaching from the inner mind to The Outer Limits
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    Blu-ray Review Batman: The Complete Television Series Blu-ray Review

    Holy 36-24-36 Batman! It's Julie Newmar's dressing room!
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    2013 - 2014 NHL Discussion Thread

    Your appraisal of the Habs vs Bruins series about as accurate as your "Who Shot JFK" synopsis. Also note that Jeff hasn't made an appearance since his beloved Bruins were eliminated by the Habs. No congratulations..nothing. But of course when Boston won the Cup in 2011,he couldn't stop...
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    NHL 2012-13 Season Discussion Thread

    The Bruins appear to be a team of destiny. As an avid Bruins' hater,I find it difficult to cheer against them this postseason,given the events in Boston on April 15.
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    The Outer Limits (Original Series) - comments?

    As per my avatar, nothing beat "The Man Who Was Never Born". Great script,wonderful acting, and Martin Landau's makeup was very convincing. Except for the teeth. Apparently Bertram Cabot Jr.'s corrupting of the extraterrestrial microbe had no effect whatsoever on one's teeth.
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    NHL 2011-12 Season Discussion Thread

    Malcolm vs PK Subban. That should be interesting.
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    NHL 2011-12 Season Discussion Thread

    Certain people went out of their way to paint ALL Hab fans as boorish thugs because of the actions of a few imbeciles who rioted and set fire to police cars. It was probably the same select gang of idiots who demanded that Chara be charged criminally for the on ice incident re: Pacioretty. The...