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    Older Toshiba CRT Projection Red Gun Issue

    Anyone have any ideas?
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    Older Toshiba CRT Projection Red Gun Issue

    So my trusty old ISF calibrated Toshiba TW40X81 is getting on in years but it has always served me well. When I first got it there was a problem with the red gun not shutting off when it was supposed to. This was most evident when the screen was black and not receiving a signal, there was still...
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    Grand Prix: Will it EVER be released?

    So does Warner control this title or did MGM keep control of it? I wonder how the Sony purchase of MGM will affect this title if does still belong to MGM. I really wish it would be released but I'm starting to loose hope.:frowning:
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    Getting contrast control back after calibration

    Kinda related to this thread topic but my question is regarding my almost 5 year old Toshiba TW40X81 projo that I had ISF calibrated a couple months after I purchased it. Ever since the TV has always been on the calibrated picture setting but now that the hours have started to build up on the...
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    G.I. Joe Season 1, Part 1 DVD Reviews?

    I did a search but came up empty. Has anyone reviewed the G.I. Joe Season 1, Part 1 DVD box set? I'm interested in picking it up, I used to love the show back in the day and think it would be a blast to watch them for the first time in over 14 years. But is the quality of the transfers any good...
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    The Apprentice Ongoing Thread

    Yeah I think the three challenges so far have been skewed in the womens favour though maybe not last weeks as much as the first and third challenges. Sex sells and the women are more then willing to use that to their advantage. I hope a challange comes up where that won't be a factor, at least...
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    Theoretical scenario: Tool, Radiohead or Beastie Boys on DTS-CD--would you purchase?

    I would buy any release of any Tool album on any format. I already have DVD-A and can play DTS CD's but I would buy a SACD player just so I could listen to the Tool releases. Tool in a high resolution audio format.... I can only dream.
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    So close to giving up on SACD and DVD-A

    Funny, you're close to giving up and I thought just recently how I'd given up on the formats, just no releases in either format that interest me. I haven't purchsed a disc in almost 2 years.
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    MANHUNT is coming soon

    I just returned the rental, 3 days overdue. Great game and like mentioned the atmosphere is great! I'm thinking of going to rent it again. :b
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    NFS: Underground... So Which Version Is Best?

    I don't really care to much about graphics, if that was the only criteria I would pick up the PC version. I want gameplay and on Hot Pursuit, the PS2 was the best out of all the versions. I'm getting a free copy from EA since they recorded my car for the game and I have a choice of the game for...
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    NFS: Underground... So Which Version Is Best?

    So with NFS: Underground coming out for every platform including the PC, which version is best? Normally I wouldn't be too concerned but after the NFS: Hot Pursuit problems where the only good version was the PS2 one and the others were butchered, I want to be sure to get the best version.
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    Socom Ii

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    Socom Ii

    Does Socom II come with a headset? I sold my copy of the original Socom last year and of course the headset went with it. You see I don't really wanna buy Socom II cause I won't play it online enough, but I want the headset because Manhunt will use.
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    MANHUNT is coming soon

    This one game is the reason I'm going to buy a PS2 again and not an Xbox.
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    A Video For All You Old School Game Fans

    http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=131487 Click on the "Watch This Movie" link. I think you guys will like this.:)