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    Pans Labyrinth LE preorder DTS R3

    I ordered my copy from Axelmusic. More expensive than Yesasia, but I don´t have to worry about customs. However there will be an R1 edition which will have a DTS-ES soundtrack, but probably not as nice packaging as the R3. The book that comes with the R3 set is supposed to be neat. The front...
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    R2 Japanese Superbit PQ vs R1 Superbit PQ??

    I don´t know since I have never done a comparison myself. Although I would be surprised if the Japanese should be worse than R1. I have never been disappointed with any of my own Japanese Superbits. I do recall that some Japanese Superbits didn´t have a DD 5.1 track, instead it had just a...
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    Are these titles available anywhere anamorphically enhanced?

    The Abyss - not anamorphic, but there has been rumours that the upcoming Cinema Reserve edition might be anamorphic. Color Of Money - according to Dvdcompare you should chose R2/R4 because they are anamorphic (R1 is not), so I guess R2UK must be anamorphic. Eastwood westerns - the R2UK SE...
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    Captain Jack Sparrow BUGGERD on chapter 16!

    I´ve not seen anyone make a comment about it in R1 reviews, but then I´ve not seen comments about it (or the syncproblem) in reviews of the Swedish edition either. So I guess people doesn´t seem to care to much.
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    Captain Jack Sparrow BUGGERD on chapter 16!

    Yes, the Swedish edition has the same problem. Some people also claim that there´s a audio syncproblem. The Swedish distributor is aware of the problem, but it will not be fixed until the next batch that ships in the beginning of the next year. Click the link below to see the problem...
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    Korean DVDs

    Korea only censors sex/nudity but no violence as far as I know. is another good Korean DVD site.
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    Where can I buy the R2 Sleepy Hollow DVD?

    Here: But the shipping rate to USA is about 6 Euro if you order one item.
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    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind R3, DTS-ES 6.1?

    There will be a new R3 digipack edition:
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    Howl's Moving Castle R2/Japan November 16th - Subtitles ?

    Just got news from another forum and three members have just checked their copies. They say the menus are fullscreen but the actual movie is anamorphic widescreen. By the way, I got this answer from DvdfromKorea: "Thank you for your e-mail. Please refer to the attached image and you will...
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    Howl's Moving Castle R2/Japan November 16th - Subtitles ?

    OK, thank you Tim! Please check it again for us. But I don´t understand, normally it´s rather easy to see if a movie is 4:3 or 16:9? My wide screen-TV automatically changes aspect ratio depending on what kind of signal it gets. For example, if I´m watching a full screen movie, I get black bars...
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    Howl's Moving Castle R2/Japan November 16th - Subtitles ?

    Tim: It would be very interesting to hear what Dvdfromkorea has to say about it! This really sucks! I´m not importing any more editions from Korean websites from now on. It´s such a hassle to return DVD:s and try to get compensation for it.
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    Howl's Moving Castle R2/Japan November 16th - Subtitles ?

    I have ordered the limited edition. Maybe I can post some pics when I get it.
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    November Criterion releases

    Ran comparison.
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    Frank Miller's Sin City Recut & Extended

    Here´s a few pics:
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    Cool Hand Luke - upcoming UK region 2 bare bones?

    Gordon: Doesn´t bare bones mean that there will be no significant extramaterial? So it could be a remastered transfer despite the fact that it is a bare bones edition? Personally I don´t care so much about extras, but I want the best A/V quality as possible.