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    Toshiba A2 $98.87 at Wal-Mart this Friday!

    Is it true that 300 and Bourne Supremacy come inside the box of the A3's? I've heard this was true for at least Best Buy.
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    Looking at new receivers w/ at least 2 HDMI inputs

    You can get lossless audio, TrueHD, and DD+ with basically any receiver with HDMI 1.1a and up. There are a few that will only do video switching without passing lossless audio. There is no need to get HDMI 1.3 for that since all of the decoding happens on the player side.
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    J&R Price for HD-DVD & BD

    Amazon has it for $390 shipped free. If I hadn't bought the Xbox add on drive, I'd probably have already picked one up.
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    Superman Returns HD-DVD Review (some spoilers)

    I work in DVD/HDDVD/BD. Warner absolutely uses the same transfer using the exact same bit rate for both BD and HDDVD. VC-1 compression for a feature length movie runs in the tens of thousands of dollars. They're not going to pay for that twice just to up the bit rate for the BD release.
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    Outlaw 5x PCA Interconnect cables 1/2 meter - $65 shipped

    Since I just moved into an apartment, I just got rid of my seperates system so these excellent quality cables must go. The cables are in like new condition, and I'll ship them USPS priority mail for $65. I'll do a local sale as well for $60. I live in the Los Feliz area and work in Burbank...
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    PSP: Dead Pixels

    It's because Sony is using the absolute cheapest, lowest quality LCD panels to help reduce costs. Anyways, the Blockbuster stores in my area refused to take my PSP back because of dead pixels and instructed me to call Sony. When I called them, the customer service rep told me that dead...
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    HTF Fantasy Baseball 2005

    I just joined up, and hopefully I'll be able to make the draft this year unlike last season where my staff aces were Sidney Ponson and Jamie Moyer thanks to the autodraft! I'd prefer a draft time later in the day since I am PST.
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    Fantasy Football 2004 Discussion and Advice

    I took part in my very first FF draft yesterday and picked first in a 10 team league. Here's the format of my league (Also have 3 defensive players): 1 QB 3 WR 2 RB 1 TE 2 WR/RB 1 K 1 DEF My team: QB - Peyton WR - L Coles, D Jackson, C Chambers RB - Holmes, Dillon TE - Shockey...
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    Athena Technologies C.5 black and silver 2-way center $75!

    Hi Grayson, what city are you in?
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    Orange Savings Account - anyone tried this?

    Hey I want $25! Anyone wanna refer me?
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    New mini iPod in the mail, New 4G iPod on Newsweek cover

    I meant that the 1st-3rd gen Ipods needed the dock to use USB 2.0, and the unit itself only had a firewire out. Anyways, you are able to hook up the mini directly to the USB 2.0 port on a PC with the included cable without using a dock. I'm hoping that the new Ipods work the same way.
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    New mini iPod in the mail, New 4G iPod on Newsweek cover

    Is a USB 2.0 port built into the 4GB Ipod like it is on the Ipod mini? None of my PCs have a firewire port or card.
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    Spider-man 2

    Is this game 720P or 1080I? Is it 16x9? Had to ask...
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    2004 Baseball Game Thread!

    Doug, it helps to get a pitch up in the strike zone. Not only do you have to time your swing well, I'm fairly certain that the only way to get the ball up into the air for a homer is pushing the stick up while you take your hack. In the Pro difficulty level, I noticed a lack of homers for...
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    Cripes! Yahoo Baseball Leagues

    Uggh, I joined up but I absolutely HATE head to head scoring. How bout' a vote to go straight rot scoring? :)