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    The Great HTF Music Challenge

    Well, I love Eric B and Rakim. Great pick, John. :D:D Reminds me of getting a couple of Maxell XL II 90s ready to go on a Friday night and taping the Red Alert show on KISS FM and then bouncing around between WBAU and WBLS. Still going strong!
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    The Great HTF Music Challenge

    Okay, John Dirk, this one's for you: Two legends that passed in the last year or so. Biz, here with Kane and MF DOOM
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    The Great HTF Music Challenge

    Sorry, not trying to be mysterious here just wondering how you found For Squirrels. My roommate at Florida was the brother of the bassist, Bill. I remember their first show (they were amazing live) and I still have the first record, which was sort of their Chronic Town. I always believed they...
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    The Great HTF Music Challenge

    Walter Kittel, were you in Gainesville in the early-mid 90s?
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    Classic Westerns

    Howard Hawks was right, though.
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    Olive Films

    Try directly from Olive, they have it in stock.
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    What's on your Daily Viewing List?

    So did I when I also just watched it about a week ago. Nicholas Musuraca, no surprise.
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    Crawdaddy's "Random Thoughts" about Home Video, Film & TV

    There was a DVD release of APACHE in its OAR--one of those Timeless Media double features--so the BD should be good to go.
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    Member Subcriptions

    Just noticed my premium membership re-upped on May 30th but it's not showing up in my profile here.
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    William Wellman films and Documentary

    Forbidden Hollywood Vol. 3, which is a de facto Wellman box set, has a bonus disc with both WILD BILL and the Wellman 'Men Who Made the Movies' ep
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    TWILIGHT TIME MOVIES PRESS RELEASE: It's Twilight Time For Us! Our "Goodbye" & "Gratitude" Sale

    Well, order #71073, also placed on 5/10, was packed on Sunday, picked up on Monday and is expected to arrive on Wednesday. So going by the number, there were over 1100 orders just between the time of my order and TonyD's order on the tenth. Hat tip to Twilight Time.
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    What's on your Daily Viewing List?

    Shichinin no samurai / Seven Samurai (Kurosawa, 54). I must be prone to suggestion because I saw a tweet this morning about Kurosawa's birthday and then found myself in front of this tonight. This one particularly because it had been a while since last view.
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    What's on your Daily Viewing List?

    Next 'episode' in Madigan (TV), The Midtown Beat, a title only off by about 60 blocks as the whole story takes place in Harlem. This was a wild one. Charles Durning as a racist good ol' boy, two gay hitmen after a 15-year-old kid, Cab Calloway as a doctor. Even a little bit with an uncredited...
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    What's on your Daily Viewing List?

    Madigan had come up somewhere in the forum so I watched the first episode of the TV series, The Manhattan Beat, with Widmark back as Madigan, Ronny Cox playing his partner and Tony Lo Bianco as a street tough. Then the somewhat offbeat Hallelujah I'm a Bum (Milestone, 33) with its rhyming sung...
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    What's on your Daily Viewing List?

    Haha, wow, I just finished The Andromeda Strain (Wise, 71) myself. Got to hand it to Wise, the movie is super riveting for what amounts to a two hour science lab procedural. Before that it was Cloak and Dagger (Lang, 46), and I forgot how ruthless it is, even beyond just the fight between...