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    Std movies played on HD-DVD player problems

    ^ yup - slower burn speed usually helps these issues
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    HD-A2 upgrade is now available for download. Now version 2.5!

    Downloaded last night (from the player) Took 2 trys, but it's installed HDA2 and 2.5 Watched a movie afterwards - working well as usual
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    okay to place dvd player on top of center speaker?

    I had a center channel on top of my DVD player for about 4yrs The center channel was not large or heavy I didn't experience any issues and the DVD player is still in use I had rubber feet on the center channel, and it was propped at the back with rubber doorstops, so I would think this...
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    Is "300" worth a blind buy?

    I hope so - I just bought it for $40 CDN - based on a couple of friends' recommendation I wanted to see it at the theater, but missed out Will be watching it this weekend
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    Canadian Online Cable Retailer?

    I recently ordered from BlueJeans cable, and it was a good experience I think the HDMI cable I bought was $23 - instead of the $90-150 in the local stores Arrived within the week as well They have an ad on this site
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    Any good dvd players for < $75 ?

    PJ means projector? If you get a cheap DVD player and blow it up on a projector screen, it is not going to look good This would seem like a strange match to me - usually a projector would rate a fairly good source in order to utilize it properly DVD Recorders are mature - and HD's will...
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    Speakers for Dummies

    Post your room size Post your floor material (wood or carpet) Post your music / HT / TV listening percentages Post your music type - if music is a significant percentage Definitely get the SVS or HSU for the sub, regardless of the speaker type What stores have you been listening to...
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    HD DVD Gets Microsoft HDi Boost...

    ^ I'm an IT guy as well, and I don't use all those things I mentioned, but I was making the point that most people love that stuff I couldn't wait to get rid of my blackberry - I only got it for testing purposes anyway I have a basic cell without a camera - but almost everyone has a camera...
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    HD DVD Gets Microsoft HDi Boost...

    ^ this is kind of funny - some people are complaining that web access is not required... true enough, but we are living in a world with fridges that connect to grocery gateway and order food, blackberries that are 100% connected, even in the bathrooms and movie theaters, cell phones that you can...
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    Who makes a good center channel?

    A new center probably won't solve your issue... your sony satellite speakers are the issue You should look at some new front speakers - pick a line of speakers that you will be able to buy the front 3 at least Save up a bit more and get a pair of front bookshelves for about $300-400 Then...
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    Newbie: Wanting to upgrade my sound, please critique my first quote.

    ^ That is a great start! And I always recommend to people that they should upgrade 1 or 2 peices at a time, for the following reasons 1. costs are smoothed out over a period of time 2. you will appreciate each upgrade more ****Most important reason 3. you will know when to stop in my...
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    What 5.1, small speaker system should I get?

    If you've set aside a $1000 for speakers and AVR, I would weight it differently $300 for AVR $700.00 for speakers No experience with HTiB, so can't help you there Look at (and listen to) Athena's, Polk, Paradigm, Energy
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    Speaker placement / room symmetry

    yes - I believe the close wall is making a difference in the sound You are probably getting more bass effect from that right speaker see if your receiver has a tone level generator and start adjusting with that You will probably notice this less, when the other speakers arrive - the...
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    Any way to cool down the Onkyo 805?

    I run a Denon 2307 and it doesn't run hot Post your speaker type - maybe they are inefficient and the amp runs hotter due to this factor - maybe they are lower Ohm rating than the amp can handle How much room do you have above and around the receiver? What are your listening levels?
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    SVS's mid-line MTS-01's announced

    I love the rounded top - no one will try to put anything on there! I think they look pretty good - I don't need new speakers, but I would check these out if I was in the market