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    Blu-ray question - component video hookup

  2. Paul Richards

    Blu-ray question - component video hookup

    Hi there: This may be a silly question, but I'm thinking of getting a Blu-ray player, but I have an older widescreen TV with component video inputs (no HDMI or DVI inputs). What could I expect in terns of picture and sound quality? Would it be the same as SD, or would I expect to see any...
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    IT's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World Restoration

    Since there haven't been any postings or updates on this thread in some time, I thought I'd check to see if anyone, particularly but not limited to, Mr. Harris, can share anything about a SE or resored version of IAMMMMW.
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    Party of Five?

    Does anyone have any info as to whether there are going to be further season sets of Party of Five? Season One came out about a year ago, I think, and although Season Two was announced and then "postponed," it seems like there might be no further releases. This is one of my favorites, and I...
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    Most wanted Music Videos & Concerts on DVD?

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    Disney VHS and a few DVD's FT

    I am interested in The Graduate and Jaws (sealed). I only have JFK and Nixon, both of which are mint and are the 2 disc SE versions. E-mail me at [email protected] if interested.
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    JFK and NIXON 2 Disc SE Sets FT

    I have the JFK (2 disc SE) and Nixon (2 disc E) sets for trade. All offers considered. for fastest response, e-mail me at [email protected] Thank you for looking. Also, lots of GGW videos for trade or sale for very cheap. All offers and additional info should be requested via e-mail. Thanks.
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    FT: Godfather Boxset, LOTR:FOTR EE (US, sealed)

    Please e-mail me at [email protected] if you have any interest in trading The Godfather set for all of the following: JFK - 2 Disc SE Nixon - 2 Disc SE (LE only available as part of Oliver Stone Collection Box Set) Far From Heaven
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    WTB: a long list of DVDs

    I have JFK 2-disc SE and Nixon 2-disc SE, and will sell them together for $30.00, which is significantly less than retail. If interested, e-mail me.
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    I saw the following on DVDFile a little while ago, and thought people might be interested, as there have been several threads about this long-awaited disc, which just happens to be my favorite movie of all time. "Just in from Warner Home Video are the full specs for their upcoming Valentine's...
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    JFK SE and N ixon 2 disc SE FT

    Sorry, but I am not interested in either of those sets. Thank you anyway.
  12. Paul Richards

    JFK SE and N ixon 2 disc SE FT

    Jeff: Sorry, but I am not interested in those. Thanks for responding, though.
  13. Paul Richards

    JFK SE and N ixon 2 disc SE FT

    Sorry, but I am not interested in any of those 3.
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    JFK SE and N ixon 2 disc SE FT

    For trade: JFK - 2 disc SE Nixon - 2 disc SE Survivor - Season 1 Highlights Also for trade or sale, a brand new Monster HT-700 home theater surge protector. I bought 2 and now only need one. Perfect condition, barely used. Sells for $99. I'm selling mine for $35. Post replies here...
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    Beatles in DC

    I saw a listing recently for a DVD that supposedly came out this week of the Beatles Live in Washington DC in Feb. 1964. Does anyone have any info or review of this disc? Thank you.