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    Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005)

    Just got back from the 12:20am showing. I loved the movie, and while too early to make comparisons, I will just add that I'm really looking forward to going later today to see it again!!
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    older Toshiba TheaterView free to a good home in Dallas

    I replaced my Toshiba 50" widescreen with a new Sony HDTV and while taking it down from the perch to put upstairs, went through the screen (whoops!). In reality, I just went through the screen protector, but it also caused the TV to not work anymore. So, if anyone wants to get it, it is yours...
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    Deadwood: "Bullock Returns to The Camp"

    Another great episode I agree. The Sopranos before it was amazing as well. Great night of television! Anyone know how many episodes are left? Does it run new along with the Sopranos for the entire season?
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    DEADWOOD Amazing

    Given that he was killed within 2 weeks of coming to Deadwood for real, I found that appropriate for the show. It has made me start reading about that time periond :) I like the show as well, on par or better than this season of the Sopranos for me...
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    Average Joe: Hawaii (on-going thread)

    fabio? who cares...
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    Sex and the City - Season 6

    Was the nun a former SNL actress?
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    Er 1/15/04

    Yes, the DFW HDTV feed was unwatchable. Panasonic POS DirecTV receiver in case that helps. I really liked this episode, the wife being pregnant probably makes it more poignant for me, truthfully...
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    Portman Talks Leon 2

    http://www.empireonline.co.uk/news/news.asp?story=5256 loved "The Professional" as they call it here and am looking forward to the next installment...
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    Ed 12/17/2003

    huh? where/when/why is Ed moving?? (with Tivo, I never keep track of when things are on, but I'd be checkng that "ToDo" history to see WTF happened next Wednesday!!) I enjoyed tonight's episode as well, the show has been very good lately, IMO.
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    Look up! Prepare the way for ANGELS IN AMERICA

    certainly wasn't the best movie i've ever seen, but i'm going to watch the conclusion and make a determination then. at this point, an uneven C from me, lacking something for me, maybe connection with the characters, as I don't think the acting has been all that great in the first part...
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    ER 11/20/03 (semi-spoiler)

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    Ed - 11/19/2003

    uh, amen :)
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    Ed 11/12/2003

    i liked tonight's episode more than the previous couple. i do hear you on the 'non-happy' Ed/Carol thing, i can't help but think they believe this is their last year and are trying to push the story faster than needed? it will be interesting to see how the writers handle it if they do get...
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    Watch my first Cowboys Game in HD - Wow!

    HDTV rocks, especially at 133" projection via HS10 :) Yesterday's game sure was pretty to look at, even though it wasn't a pretty win [but we'll take it! 7-2!!]