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    IPOD newbie question about file transfers

    Another question. When I browsed the software, it said I must have a Windows formatted IPOD. At what point does this occur? Do I have to purchase a Windows IPOD as opposed to an Apple IPOD? Are they two different things? Thanks.
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    IPOD newbie question about file transfers

    Thanks for the info and links. That should solve my problem. I just didn't want to get an IPOD AND a new operating system all at the same time. I already use EAC to convert my CDs, so with these programs it sounds like I should have no problems. Thanks again.
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    IPOD newbie question about file transfers

    I apologize in advance if this has been covered before but I could not find any info in my search. I want to get an IPOD so that I can listen to it while working. How the heck do I get the songs on there? Do I have to use Itunes software because I am still running Windows 98 and I don't think...
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    *** Official ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND DiscussionThread

    Not much to say except that my wife and I loved the film. And for Quentin; that birdhouse line was the funniest line of the movie! Some folks were looking at me because they couldn't figure out why I couldn't stop laughing at it. A close second for me was when David Cross said: "The plane...
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    new Doors CD Box set?

    From Rhino.com
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    *** Official MYSTIC RIVER Discussion Thread

    I saw this one on cable yesterday. I believe it was the first movie I saw with Julia Roberts. Anyway, I found it kind of boring but I liked the fact that it revolved around a Pizza joint since I love Pizza so much.
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    Hey, why the heck do people read the "testing area"?

    Hey, why the heck are people reading the "Hey, why the heck do people read the "testing area"?" thread? You bastards!
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    Does anyone here eat circus peanuts?

    Circus Peanuts rule! But only if they are Brach's brand: Link Once, I was with a friend at the store and I asked to borrow a couple of dollars. He agreed, and then he found out I was going to buy Circus Peanuts with his money. He then absolutely refused to give me the money because he hated...
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    The Complete Far Side

    I think this thing would be a perfect Christmas gift! For someone to give to me. A little too expensive for me to just buy it without a special occasion.
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    New Beatles "Let It Be...Naked" Atrwork revealed

    True Ken, but at the Fine Art Forum I did find an article titled: Exploring the nature of electronic space through semiotic morphism Whatever the hell that means!
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    New (?) Beatles..... Nov. 18th

    Siren Disc lists this in their future releases:
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    Sloan's "Action Pact" - coming to U.S.?

    $21.49 at Siren Disc
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    Help me make a compilation of Ohio songs please!

    Thanks for all the great suggestions so far. I'm going to be checking out as many as I can.
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    Help me make a compilation of Ohio songs please!

    Long story short; I'm making a compialtion for a friend who live in Columbus, OH and I want all the songs to be either about Ohio or just mention the state or any Ohio city. The more mentions the better. I'm just getting started but of course I plan on including Ohio by Neil Young and...
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    Chuck Berry - tribute DVD needed!

    If you indeed mean "Chuck Berry - Hail! Hail! Rock and Roll" then count me in. It is one of my favorite rock n' roll movies. I still watch my videotape of the widescreen version I taped off of Bravo and I would buy the DVD in a second!