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    Camelot editing question for experts

    Joe, Your enthusiasm for this film always makes me smile. Is it me or has classic film releases slowed down considerably from Warner? I continue to have hope they will re-release this classic again with the ORIGINAL soundtrack. Let them spend countless dollars remixing if they feel it is...
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    Woodstock Review makes me wonder

    Band footage is not on the new set. They couldn't get the clearance, though Warner did try. Read this thread for more info on the set. Member BRush helped put the set together and has a lot of info. Woodstock Directors Cut for Blu-Ray - SH Forums
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ In Cold Blood -- in Blu-ray

    I wonder how Capote looks. I recall the DVD transfer being brutal.
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    1st time watching Blade Runner, Which Version?

    I would show The Final Cut. It is intended to be the 'definitive' version of the film. Reading carefully, it sounds like everyone in the family wants to see this film after seeing that it ranked as one of the best sci-fi movies of all time. So like it or hate it...they asked for it!
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    What horriffic timing...

    They gave no 'warning'. Or should we listen to every rumor as fact? I'm sick of this constant 'it's the consumer's own fault' excuses here. It don't jive, just like the 'you shouldn't park outside if you don't want your car stolen' or the 'you shouldn't walk outside after midnight if you...
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    The RAH finest classic and catalog high definition releases of 2007

    Mr. Harris, any comments on the following movies? Do you think they should also be in your list? Rio Bravo Jailhouse Rock Viva Las Vegas Children of Men
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    North By Northwest Restoration for 2009?

    What about films like Gone with the Wind, or Wizard of Oz? Do those ultra resolution results have high enough resolutions to be printed satisfactorily to film?
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    North By Northwest Restoration for 2009?

    Why should Searchers be output to 65 mm? The VistaVision Negative isn't that big anyways, or is it?? I agree they should do a restoration to film. Did they do the restorations of Gone With the Wind or Wizard of Oz to film or only digital?
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    North By Northwest Restoration for 2009?

    But The Searchers wasn't a 3-strip production, but they used the ultrahigh resolution process. So I'm thinking ultrahigh resolution process may not be limited to 3-strip Technicolor films. Edit: Looks Joel answered it better (see below) Is North By Northwest in better/worse shape than...
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    North By Northwest Restoration for 2009?

    In the recent Warner chat, it was mentioned that an HD North By Northwest would be targeted for a 2009 date for its 50th anniversary. I have read that the film sources are in pretty bad shape. What could be done to bring this film back to its former glory? Do separation masters exist so an ultra...
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    *** Official Warner Chat and Discussion Thread

    I hope not! That's a long wait for another beautiful ultra-resolution presentation. I am still hoping An American In Paris is coming. Nothing mentioned on that one.
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    *** Official Warner Chat and Discussion Thread

    Anyone know what Warner's next Ultra-Resolution title will be? The last one was The Searchers I believe. I was disappointed by the response for a National Velvet reissue. Just because its selling well doesn't mean it can't look alot better!
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    *** Official Warner Chat and Discussion Thread

    I'm glad they said they are trying to fix the Camelot audio issue. I really look forward to the release. Crazy, but this is one of my favorites. lol
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    Nielsen/Video Scan sales ratios and Top 5

    It doesn't matter anymore who or doesn't have the lead. Both formats are here for the long haul. They are too entrenched to abandon one or the other. Think how that would upset PS3 and XBOX360 owners. Everyone will eventually just buy a dual player. That's what I'll be doing.